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Pregnancy & Obesity new study – your child’s mortality rate is affected.

A new study which aired on the Australian ABC News on last night has shown that children and babies born to obese mothers are more likely to be hospitalised in their first years.

obesepregnantmagesIn Australia on average  21 percent of pregnant mothers are obese & 38 percent continue to be unhealthily overweight 9 months after birth

Infant survival and health is closely linked to ongoing antenatal and postnatal care.  Sadly, here in Australia and in particular Queensland, obesity is drastically on the rise and this does not exclude pregnant women. Children under the age of 5 in Queensland have had increased health problems and a worse mortality rate compared to the rest of the nation.

baby hospitalised images

I was very fortunate to be filmed in this ABC News TV segment training my Preggi Bellies clients. I can’t stress how important a mother’s duty of care begins in utero. Correct exercise and nutrition could save your child’s life.

You can view the full segment here (click link below)

ABC News Australia Obesity and Pregnancy

Remember you need to look after yourself before, during and after pregnancy so you can look after your precious little ones and give them the best chance at life.

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