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Embody Wellness – Remedial Massage Therapy for New Mums.




Embody Wellness with Emma Hogan – Massage Therapist

Being a mum to young children is an incredibly wonderful and rewarding time of your life, however it is

also very demanding on your body and energy levels. Movement’s  like carrying your 3, 5,

12+ kilo bundle around, breast-feeding at all hours of the day and night, that awkward ‘run with the

scooter’ move or sharing a bed with your little darling, can all affect your back, shoulders

or neck.

As a mum of 3 beautiful girls, I understand these challenges and the aches and pains they incur. I

believe that embracing a healthy lifestyle, including allowing yourself time to look after your body is the key to

maintaining energy levels and helping you to be the best mum you can be.

There is so much information in the media about the importance of self-care at the moment.

Whether its sneaking out for a walk, run or yoga class on a Sunday morning, finishing your cuppa

(before it needs microwaving!) or enjoying an uninterrupted shower. We gain so much from taking

a little time out for ourselves.

Massage is an excellent method of self-care and rejuvenating the body.

A remedial massage involves assessing your posture and any problem areas in your body, and working to relieve muscle and joint

tension to reduce pain and make you feel great! A massage will also reduce stress and help you sleep better.

At Embody Wellness I offer flexible appointment times (including evening appointments after the

kids are in bed) to work around your family’s needs. I can also arrange child care if you need to

bring your bub or kids along with you. My massage therapy is suitable for post natal mothers only.

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