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Preggi Bellies – Brisbane Group Pregnancy Exercise Classes.



What is Preggi Bellies ?

Preggi Bellies is Australia’s leading strength and fitness exercise program, designed specifically for pregnant and postnatal women. A high energy cardio and muscle conditioning workout using medical grade fitballs, that was developed by Physiotherapists and leading women’s health specialists. The program has been enjoyed by over 15,000 participating pregnant women in Australia and Sth Africa for over 15 years !

I have personally been instructing the Preggi Bellies program for 10 years, including through my own 3 pregnancies. I fell in love with Preggi Bellies as while I was pregnant as I searched for a pregnancy safe exercise program that would help maintain my fitness levels. Preggi Bellies gave me this and I felt so good that I continued to do the classes right up until my due dates. I also had shorter labour times, my recovery period was shorter and I slept so much better. Plus I believe, Preggi Bellies helped me to avoid many of those aches and pains that many pregnant women suffer, as my mobility and posture was maintained. My love of Preggi Bellies has continued, as I am now the owner of the Queensland Franchise.

The Preggi Bellies program fulfills the ACOG guidelines for safe and effective exercise during and after pregnancy and the unique sessions based on medical grade fitballs, allows you to get an active workout while your pelvic floor and lower back are stablised. Preggi Bellies also incorporate functional training to ensure you are fit and strong for the challenges of pregnancy, labour and early motherhood.


Who are the Instructors ?

Our Preggi Bellies instructors are the best of the best. They are all fully certified in Pre and Post Natal Exercise in both theory and intense practical training via our Physio designed program that is registered with Fitness Australia Many of our trainers are Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, and Exercise Physiologists and our Brisbane Trainers are all Mums ! If you are interested in becoming a certified Pregnancy/Postnatal Trainer enquire here.

During a session each exercise is easily modified by our expert trainers for individual conditions during pregnancy. Preggi Bellies is also one of the only programs that provides thorough screening, assessment and monitoring of all members before, during and after their pregnancy. Our primary interest is to ensure that each member and baby, along with your medical practitioner support, remains safe and healthy.

Can I do sessions if I am Post Natal ?

If you are Post Natal, Preggi Bellies sessions are a fantastic way to get back into exercise. We allow you to attend our classes after your  6 – 8 week post birth medical check with your Doctor or Midwife. If you have no conditions book in for a Trial class today.

If you are Post Natal, we always recommend you commence exercise gently by starting back on our medical grade fitballs for at least 3 – 5  sessions to protect your pelvic floor and core. We can then progress you off the ball when you are ready, its important you speak regularly to your class instructor so they can provide the appropriate modifications for you.

Preggi Bellies also have a specialised Post Natal class called Back to Body with childcare available or bring your baby along to the Mums and Bubs class and learn to restore your core safely post birth.



Where are Preggi Bellies classes located ?

Preggi Bellies Queensland has several  venues across Brisbane and is soon to open on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. No Gym Membership is required and selected venues have Child Care.

We invite you firstly, to Trial a session at ANY venue – to get an over view of the unique program.

If you love the classes you can then purchase a class pack, anywhere from 10 to 75 sessions that can be used at any venues. Bonus Free sessions are offered if you purchase a pack 24 hours after your Trial, plus payment plans are available.

Download the Price List here.

Best of all, if you are a BUPA healthcare member you receive 15% off your first class pack purchase. OR if you are a gym member at any of our venues (e.g YMCA or Fernwood) you receive 10% off your first membership pack.

How often do I need to attend ?

When you join Preggi Bellies we recommend attend 2 sessions per week to get the most from the program and to prevent any injury. Exercising sporadically during pregnancy with the hormones (relaxin) in your system can make you more prone to injury. (1 session per week is ok as a Post Natal participant). Learn more here.

However, we are very flexible. If you are unable to attend a session you simply give us 5 hours notice and you log in to our online booking system or APP and can remove yourself from the session (that way you don’t lose the session). The session can be rebooked for a make-up at any venue or you can save it to use postnatally within the 12 mth purchase period.

Class packs range from 10 to 75 sessions. Any packs over 30 sessions when purchased are valid for 1 year, that way you can use the classes post birth.  All sessions can be used at a mix of the Brisbane Venues.


How do I join Preggi Bellies ?

View the full timetable here  / No Gym membership is required / Selected Venues have Childcare.

Before joining a brief health screen needs to be filled in online. Then once approved you simply book in to your chosen session.

What are you waiting for ?

Read the member reviews about why these sessions have been loved by over 15,000 Australian women for over 15 years !

Start your healthy pregnancy journey today.

I hope to see you in a class soon !

Dahlas xx