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Become Certified Pregnancy & Post Natal Trainer.


Become a Certified Pregnancy and Post Natal Trainer with Preggi Bellies, the leaders in Pregnancy Exercise.

An opportunity to join a specialised team of trainers working with pregnant & postnatal women.  Classes available across our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast locations.

Preggi Bellies is Australia’s leading strength and fitness exercise program, designed specifically for pregnant and postnatal women. A high intensity, choreographed cardio and muscle conditioning workout using medical grade fitballs was developed by Physiotherapists and leading women’s health specialists and has been enjoyed by over 12,000 participating pregnant women in Australia and Sth Africa.

Our Instructors are the best of the best. We seek to employ passionate and highly self-motivated professionals within the Health and Fitness Industry.

In order to be successful, you will be a Fitness Professional (Cert III), Personal Trainer (Cert IV), Group Fitness Instructor, Les Mills Instructor (GEL), Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist or Midwife.

Our area of Fitness is specific to Ante and Post Natal women, to meet Fitness Australia’s new guidelines for training pregnant women, you will undergo theoretical and practical training that will provide you with 15 CEC or CPD points.

Theory Training

Preggi Bellies Theory course is completed online with the Australian Fitness Network Preggi Bellies course. View the course here.

This course was designed by Preggi Bellies founding Physiotherapist Lauren Gabriel. The theory course is done at your own pace simultaneously while your practical training commences with us here in Brisbane. The theory course is worth 15 CEC or CDP’s (if you are a physio or EP) and you are recognised as having pregnancy/postnatal certification as both a Group Fitness Instructor and PT (if you have Cert 4).

  • Cost :  The theory course is a one off payment $339 if you are member of Australian Fitness Network (or $449 for non-members)
  • You also receive a 280-page Manual and DVD’s
  • Please note once certified you are not required to pay for additional Preggi Bellies team training quarterly workshops throughout the year (which programs like Les Mills require. This is a one off payment.
  • The theory course does not take a long time to complete and is self-paced – you need to watch some DVD’s and answer a multiple-choice questionnaire at the end. If you are still studying your Cert 3 or 4 you can do Preggibellies Theory course simultaneously with your other study.

Practical Training

To ensure your practical training progresses quickly and effectively we often run new Trainer weekend workshops. Alternatively we provide mentoring sessions as you attend “live” Preggi Bellies classes.

  • For your practical training you need to attend a minimum of 12 timetable sessions. If you are already very experienced in Les Mills or Group Exercise classes this attendance may be less with recognition of prior learning.
  • Going to a “live” class is the best way to learn and gives you the opportunity when you are ready to get up in front of the class and start taking tracks. Plus it is essential for you to learn how to modify for the variety of Pregnancy and Postnatal requirments of participants.
  • Timetabled Class attendance of 12 sessions must be completed within 4 months
  • Together with your class attendance you will receive mentoring sessions.
  • If you live remotely Skype sessions will be used to mentor and go over routines and choreography with weekend class attendance expected when you are ready take tracks within a class.
  • When you are ready to take a full session, you will be assessed and your class will be videoed for approval.
  • Your theory training must be completed when you are ready to be finally assessed & videoed for your Practical Training. You will also need to ensure your insurance and First Aid/CPR is up to date.
  • Please inquire about cost as this varies on experience and progression (approx $120)

Once you are certified all instructors operate as contractors to Preggi Bellies and therefore upon completion of their training must have their own ABN and Insurance.

If you are interested in becoming part of Australia’s experts in Pregnancy Exercise please contact us and send your

  • Cover Letter
  • Appropriate qualifications and experience.
  • First Aid/CPR Certificate (current)
  • Insurance Cover Documents (current)
  • If you are already certified in Pre / Post Natal Yoga, Pilates, Aqua or any other training please contact us.

For further information Contact us here or email