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10 Reasons to choose Preggi Bellies Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise classes.

Preggi Bellies is Australia’s largest provider of Pre and Post Natal Group Exercise classes. Preggi Bellies unique pre/postnatal classes were developed over 12 years by Physiotherapists, Doctors, Exercise Specialists and Obstetricians. Preggi Bellies classes have been enjoyed by over 20,000 participating women in Australia and South Africa for over 15 years.

I have been an instructor with Preggi Bellies for over 10 years, I taught the program through my 3 pregnancies and I am the proud Queensland Franchise owner.

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Today, there are now many pre and post natal exercise programs that you can find online.

Why would you choose Preggi Bellies classes over one of these programs ?

Here is why :

  1. Preggi Bellies is one of the only programs that pre-screens every woman who will attend a class and provides ongoing assessment and monitoring. This means if you have any conditions the sessions can be modified accordingly, and  Preggi Bellies can also liaise with your Doctor, Midwife, Physio or Obstetrician for any special requirements. Your safety and your unborn child’s safety is a priority at Preggi Bellies
  2. Preggi Bellies fulfills the ACOG guidelines for safe and effective exercise during and after pregnancy. Preggi Bellies unique classes are based on medical grade fitballs have been designed by a Women’s Health Physio, to safely allow an active workout while your pelvic floor and lower back are stablised. Classes can be done right up until your due date !
  3. All Preggi Bellies Instructors are fully certified in Pre and Post Natal training via Preggi Bellies own comprehensive Theory and Practical Training that is recognised by Fitness Australia. Preggi Bellies Qld also provides ongoing training and assessment to all their instructors.
  4. All Preggi Bellies Qld Instructors are Mum’s themselves and some are Twin Mums so they understand the challenges of pregnancy and motherhoood.
  5. Preggi Bellies only take a maximum of 12 ladies in a class and sessions are suitable for all levels of fitness. Small numbers allows for individual class modification to ensure women with a range of pregnancy complications such as pelvic pain, abdominal separation, back pain or other conditions can be closely monitored. This means many women can continue to exercise and improve throughout their pregnancy.
  6. Preggi Bellies classes incorporate functional training including a combination of cardio, resistance based training and pilates moves to ensure you are fit and strong for the challenges of pregnancy, labour and early motherhood. Classes are suitable if Pregnant or Post Natal – View the full timetable here.
  7. Preggi Bellies class participants report better endurance during labour and faster recovery post birth – read the reviews here.
  8. Obstetricians, Midwives and Physio’s refer their patients to our classes. Why not TRIAL A CLASS ?  No Gym Membership is required and sessions can be used at any QLD venues. Health Fund available and payment plans for ongoing class packs. Register here.
  9. Preggi Bellies allows you to return to exercise safely post birth. You can attend sessions after your 6 -8 week post birth medical clearance, selected venues have child care and there is a wonderful Mums and Bubs class if you are newly post natal . Find out more here.
  10. When you join Preggi Bellies you become part of a supportive community of of women who you will share your pregnancy and motherhood journey with.

What are you waiting for ?

Simply fill in a brief online health screen and start your healthy pregnancy or post natal journey today.

Join a Preggi Bellies Trial Class – click the image below, or find Preggi Bellies QLD on the Mind Body App.