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Are burpees and box jumps suitable post birth ?

For every exercise there is a correct time and place to do it – including burpees and box jumps ! Especially if it is an exercise that improves function and moves you closer to a specific goal.

During and after pregnancy try to choose exercises that are safe and effective, plus also improve mobility, strength and will help support you for the challenges of pregnancy, birth, recovery and beyond.


Burpees and Box jumps actually won’t harm a growing baby but they will severely impact your own hips, pelvic floorpostural alignment and abdominal separation. Just because you have been given the “all clear” to exercise at your 6 – 8 week post birth medical check up, doesn’t mean you can immediately jump into movements such as these.

Pregnancy and birth has a HUGE impact on your core and pelvic floor, and I think every mother can agree that you do not “snap” back to your pre-body when you are 6 weeks postpartum. Remember you need to retrain BEFORE your train so you have a strong foundation on which to build. This retraining might happen and 6 weeks post birth, or need to happen 1 year or beyond  birth depending on what exercise you have been doing.

Then yes, for sure…burpees and box jumps can be goal to work towards – only when you are ready. I know it is challenging as you scroll through social media and see women with cute pregnancy bellies or mama’s recently post birth who are are running marathons, lifting 40 kg above their heads or loving their bikini body challenge burpees ! It’s hard not to feel like there is some sort of “shape” you should be in.

Remember they are not you, and you do not need to be them.


I often get asked why I don’t post exercises for pre and post pregnancy on social media. It’s because every woman, pregnancy, birth is different. There is NO one size fits all exercise. Appropriate modifications always need to be made. Your body, especially post-birth (ceasar or natural) needs time to heal from the inside out. This takes time !

Remember post birth you are Post Natal forever. Please don’t give yourself an expected recovery deadline and please PLEEEASE avoid comparing yourself with other “miraculous” returns to pre-baby bodies on social media.

Every woman will have a different recovery journey depending on their birth, sleep, nutrition and if they exercised during pregnancy.

For best results I advise focusing on the 4 R’s

  1. Rest
  2. Recovery
  3. Rehab
  4. Retrain

Every client I have is different and we pay attention to these steps in varying ways.

Goals are ALWAYS achievable just take a look at my client Cath, mum of 3 kids who now runs marathons. Also Sarah Mum of 5, yep 5 beautiful babies including twins that she birthed all naturally. Sarah just went for her first run along the beach this week and I now include wall balls and modified burpees in her sessions.

All women regardless of their birth must get assessed by a Women’s health physio before commencing any exercise post birth, otherwise you could be making conditions worse. Then please see a Certified Pre and Post Natal Trainer who will work with your physio to give you the best outcomes possible.

Join me for a session today and learn how to cherish your body during and after pregnancy.