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I'm Dahlas,

In 2007 I quit my Corporate Marketing job, followed my passion for female fitness, then trained thousands of women globally on how to cherish their bodies and minds during pregnancy and at all stages of motherhood.

These days my driving force is to change lives by coaching women of any age, level of fitness or trimester to harness the fabulous opportunity of 

connecting to their body better through exercise, rather than using it as a tool to change it !

For the first time ever you are able to access my two decades of industry knowledge after training thousands of women globally.

Since I founded BodyFabulous have been in high demand working in small groups, online programs, workshops and 1:1 coaching.

But I am only one woman, right ?

And I want to help more of you

That is why I have created my Bespoke Premium Group Coaching
With my guidance you will follow my proven strategies, regardless of your location, trimester or age plus have the opportunity to connect with like-minded women to create a sustainable and transformative mind body connection for life.

also like to work 1:1 with everyone in this program to ensure your goals become a reality – that is why applications will be limited. 

So I can help you create and sustain the level of fitness and wellness you love, through nutrition, mindset and specialised female focused workouts.

Ready ?

fill in your details below ...


This program is suitable for you if...

  • You are confused about what exercise and nutrition is suitable if you are trying to conceive, pregnant, postnatal, have a niggling condition or injury, are returning to exercise after a long hiatus

  • You may have pelvic floor challenges or are simply trying navigate exercise and wellness during the long runway of motherhood or life !

  • You are tired of wasting time and money of fad diets, depleting exercise programs and products that give unsustainable results

  • You are desiring to align your fitness and wellness solutions into something that no longer overwhelms you but is sustainable and life changing

  • You are purpose-driven individual ready to make a leap in your current level of success

  • You are ready to have clarity, build consistency and workout contently

  • You are keen to learn, get a bit uncomfortable and change your life (not just your body)

  • Somewhere, deep inside, you know there's another way and you are ready to find another way....

A way that is sustainable, safe and effective !


This unique mentorship is designed to coach you on HOW to create and sustain the level of fitness and wellness you love through, nutrition, mindset and specialist female focused workouts

I am so excited to see if you are a good fit for this unique program...



1 — Join the Waitlist

Enter your details below and check your inbox (or junk mail) and whitelist / save my email address to your contacts so you don't miss the important next steps

2 — Application

When applications open you will be sent an exclusive link to the Bespoke application form

There’s no obligation to join the program and you have nothing to lose by applying.

Apart from a bit of health and fitness background, there are only two main questions, so answer them thoughtfully to give yourself the best chance of moving forward.

Applications are open to any age, location and any stage of pregnancy or motherhood (as long as you have medical clearance to exercise)

3 — Assessment

I will personally assess your application based on the answers to the questions you provide and let you know if you’re a good fit for Bespoke.

I only accept people I know I can genuinely help and who will thrive inside of the Bespoke program

4 — Acceptance

If you're accepted, I will send you an exclusive invitation to attend a private training where I will share the exact, step-by-step BodyFabulous Bespoke framework that I use inside the program. This is my life's work, so I only share it with accepted applicants because it's hugely valuable. You’ll get this 100% for free along with all of the details of the program and how it works.

Plus the chance to ask any questions you may have.

Please note...

This is NOT a bootcamp or quick fix 12 week weightloss program. 

My unique Bespoke program

is about learning how to physically and mentally cherish your body for a lifetime of benefits regardless of your age, level of fitness, motherhood journey or trimester of pregnancy.

It includes virtual group coaching & workouts, 

access to my comprehensive BFABMETHOD online exercises plus 1 :1 coaching

My purpose is to support you every step of the way.
Please fill in your details if you are ready for a

new way

I coach women who...

Need insight and proven strategies of an experienced and fully certified female fitness specialist. 

I will bring that to you with...

20 years experience, my own 3 pregnancies, a miscarriage plus connecting and coaching thousands of women during pregnancy and beyond. Women of all different fitness levels and who are challenged by pelvic floor and core concerns, hormonal challenges and more !

This, combined with a past life in a high pressured corporate career for multi million dollar global brands, means I fully understand the juggle of life, career, motherhood and fitness

And above all, the importance of

a quality investment in you !

Sound good ?

Drop your email in the box above and I will be in touch


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