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Group & Personal Training



1. I agree to inform Bodyfabulous/Dahlas Fletcher* in writing of any change to my pregnancy or health, or of any condition that would affect my ability to engage in physical activity, prior to the commencement of a session.

2. Bodyfabulous/Dahlas Fletcher* will not be held responsible in any way for circumstances / injuries that result directly or indirectly from Bodyfabulous sessions. It is assumed all participants are in good health and have received medical clearance prior to commencing any program.

3. I give Bodyfabulous/Dahlas Fletcher* permission to contact at their discretion my emergency contact / medical practitioner / midwife / therapist should the need arise.

4. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to inform my doctor / carer that I am participating in exercise with Bodyfabulous/Dahlas Fletcher.

5. I understand when returning / starting sessions post-natal (remember post birth you are postnatal forever !) I am obliged to ready the Bodyfabulous Post Natal Guidelines. I must fill in all fields and submit the completed form to Dahlas Fletcher before I attend any sessions, I must also have my doctor's consent to do so. If an incident occurs and I have not adhered to this policy and guidelines Bodyfabulous/Dahlas Fletcher is not liable to any accident or injury suffered.

6. I understand that fees/sessions are not refundable. If a medical condition does arise please discuss putting your sessions on hold with Dahlas Fletcher / Bodyfabulous.

7. Please ensure you check session expiry dates as per the Bodyfabulous price list provided prior to purchase. Home PT sessions are only conducted in a 15km radius of Brisbane outside of peak hour traffic times. Additional charges may be incurred for further travel or during peak hour times as listed price list provided and as discussed / confirmed with Dahlas prior to purchasing a pack.

8. In the instance of miscarriage and termination of pregnancy, I will provide a doctor’s letter confirming the loss of the pregnancy and I will be able to choose to either return to use my sessions at any time with an extended expiry date OR a refund on the sessions remaining.

9. I agree that any booked session will only be rescheduled if cancelled at least 5 hours before the session start time. Please note all packs have an expiry date as listed on the Bodyfabulous Price list supplied.

10. If I have booked a group personal training session. Session will only proceed if 2 or more participants can attend. If only 1 person attends the standard solo Personal Training rate will be charged. 5 hours’ notice is required for any cancellations. Session expiry dates provided also need to be adhered too for group sessions.

11. Bodyfabulous / Dahlas Fletcher* reserves the right to vary the prices / terms and conditions/ venues/ session format. Notice of changes may be made to you via email or personally delivering the notice to you, relating to travel time, toll charges parking and lease rates at gyms. Bodyfabulous/Dahlas Fletcher* reserves right of admission to classes and to the program.

12. I understand that musculoskeletal and medical conditions including but not limited to blood pressure issues, pelvic instability, pelvic girdle pain, lower back pain, sacroiliac joint pain, pelvic floor conditions and pubic symphysis pain are common in pregnancy and post pregnancy. I understand that Bodyfabulous/Dahlas Fletcher modifies sessions accordingly once informed by myself that I have/might have any such condition. I understand that Bodyfabulous/Dahlas Fletcher will hold sessions as per Clause 6, above, should I, my doctor and or therapist suggest/decide that I should not continue to exercise during my pregnancy/ postnatally, or if I’m not a candidate for modification of sessions.

13. Your information is collected as per our Privacy Policy and will never be shared with any other 3rd party. Please find full Privacy Policy and Medical Disclaimer here.

12. I have read the above statements and agree to and accept all terms & conditions. I release Bodyfabulous/Dahlas Fletcher from all claims.

13. I have provided my digital signature on the registration form supplied.





Please ensure you have medical clearance before commencing any form of exercise during and after pregnancy. 

All Bodyfabulous Challenge videos are for information purposes only and should not replace the advice of your medical practitioner.

See full legal disclaimer here

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