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Did you know that pregnancy is the BEST time to train your core ?
After over a decade of specifically training pregnant and post natal women I am always fascinated by how much stronger their body becomes by working out. Becoming stronger does not just happen by staying physically active – it requires learning and understanding how to strengthen your deep core together with safe and effective movements.

After training hundreds of mamas-to-be, and during my own 3 pregnancies I have learned that the physical changes of pregnancy can cause many women to lose the connection with their core, however with proper training and specific exercises, this connection can actually improve in pregnancy.

Why ?
As during this precious time every woman’s motherly instinct kicks in making them so much more aware of the changes happening to their body. This provides a wonderful opportunity to create a deep core connection.
Plus during pregnancy your core is strong...it is supporting a baby. So now is the time to tap into and nurture this.

Tummy pooch, leakage, diastatis recti, back pain, hip pain ?
Heck even those annoying "love handles"...are common complaints I hear from SO many pregnant and postpartum women. They can happen because during pregnancy and beyond women are spending time doing the wrong moves.
In my Ultimate Pregnant Core program you will learn that training your core effectively does not involve traditional ab exercises such as crunches, sit ups, planks and also traditional kegels....

I am going to share with you the best ways to get the right core muscles engaged with a range of total body workouts - including resistance moves, core and pelvic floor stabilisation, weights plus safe cardio. These workout's will make you feel energised and best of all empowered as you will never have to question if what you’re doing is safe, regardless of your situation.

A Comprehensive 8 week Online Program :
The Ultimate Pregnant Core program will prepare you for the challenges of pregnancy, birth, recovery and motherhood. Each week you will be personally guided by me with a range of fitness videos, online support plus a delicious weekly pregnancy meal plan endorsed by a certified nutritionist.  

Best of all this program suits all levels of fitness. The Ultimate Pregnant Core is a virtual studio for the modern mama to be that's safe, effective, and extremely dialled into the needs of your changing pregnant body.

My goal is to empower you to use exercise as a way to connect to your body rather than just a tool to change it and to push you in ways that keep you meeting your body exactly where you’re at while preventing common pregnancy and postpartum injuries including diastatis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction.

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