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Body Fabulous

With my background in both Fitness and Media/Marketing I can offer a range of partnership opportunities such as brand ambassadorship, event hosting/speaking, blog sponsorships, social media campaigns guest fitness sessions and more. I believe in working with brand partners that empower women to feel their best and share my passion for a healthy living and lifestyle.

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When is the right time to return to exercise after giving birth?

I always recommend you have seen your Doctor or Midwife prior to returning to exercise (normally at 6 – 8 weeks post birth). A delivery with no tears or cuts usually means you can return sooner, than one where you had a c-section or an episiotomy. You must have clearance from your medical practitioner before commencing any BodyFabulous sessions. I also recommend you get a full assessment from a Women’s Health Physio at 15 weeks postpartum – this will ensure we can focus on the most optimal exercises and best ways to return to more challenging or intense movements.

Can your exercises help with labour and delivery?

Absolutely ! Research has shown that the right exercise during pregnancy can certainly shorten the second stage of labour and improve recovery. Women who are fitter and have gained less weight cope better and are more likely to avoid a ceasar and episiotomy in labour. During Bodyfabulous sessions we I focus on specialised exercises you can do during labour and for post birth recovery.

Can you please tell me if you can improve my pelvic floor ?

You can definitely improve your pelvic floor, before during and after pregnancy with specialised pelvic floor movements….and this just doesn’t mean Kegels ! Feedback from women who do my sessions, report great results whether pregnant or postnatal and the pelvic floor exercises I do are all approved by a pregnancy physiotherapist. For best results you should do pelvic floor exercise during your pregnancy and after – to avoid any problems post pregnancy. Once you have had your baby incontinence symptoms should have disappeared by 12 weeks post delivery. If you are still having problems 12-14 weeks post delivery please seek help from a women’s health physiotherapist. The longer you leave this problem the less chance there is of rectifying it, many women do not realise that incontinence or pelvic floor heaviness is not normal and should not be left alone. But it can be prevented and corrected if treated properly with the correct exercises. Get in touch if you need more information

How common is the separation of abdominal muscles and how can I tell if I have it ?

Abdominal separation (or diastis recti) is totally normal. All pregnant women need their abdominal muscles to move apart to accommodate a growing baby. However if certain unsuitable exercises are performed during after pregnancy excessive separation can occur – this is a diastatis. Postpartum, focus should not just be about the width of the separation, the depth also needs to be measured. Women can have a 6 pack and still have a diastatis if damage has occurred to the deep core. I can measure your separation at our sessions plus advise on what exercises are suitable to prevent diastatis and how to safely exercise if you have one.


Can I take Protein Supplements while I am pregnant ?

During pregnancy, women require 15% more protein than a woman who is not pregnant, therefore it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the best sources of protein not only for yourself but also for the little one growing inside. There is a plethora of information online regarding whey protein and supplements for pregnant women. As everyone’s body is different, I suggest a combination of you doing your own research, and speaking to a health care professional to work out what is right for you and your body. Please read more here, about pregnancy and postpartum safe (all natural with zero artificial additives) – protein powder. Purity and high-quality “no nasties” is essential ! For further guidance on prenatal and postpartum nutrition grab my guide here

What are the best exercises to do, to firm up my belly ?

This is a question I get asked a lot! There are two parts to returning your belly to good shape. In the first instance you must ensure you have done safe and effective exercises during pregnancy. Research has shown Women who exercise correctly when pregnant will return to shape faster and more effectively than those who do not. Secondly you must remember the baby belly or loose skin that can take up to a year to firm up. (Some women will not ever entirely lose this as skin – once stretched- cannot return back fully to it’s pre-pregnancy form). However with the effective exercise and nutrition during and after pregnancy it is possible to return stretched tummy muscles to normal or close to normal. Please don’t get out there and start doing sit ups and planks – let me me guide you on exercises that will give you a better core for life !

Is walking the best exercise while pregnant ?

Walking is  popular form of exercise during pregnancy but for many women it can be unsuitable, especially if they are suffering from lower back pain or hip pain. Women who walk a lot in pregnancy are at a higher risk for pelvic instability and back pain. You will find more information here

I am interested in your online pregnancy exercise course- why do I have to go on a waitlist ?

My online pregnancy exercise course, the Ultimate Pregnant Core is a comprehensive 8 week course – suitable for any level of fitness and any trimester of pregnancy. I only accept limited numbers so I can provide you with the most personalised program possible. Doors close so I can personally focus on and guide the ladies enrolled through a specialised 6 step success path. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter training methods, or leaving you with an e-book or library of videos to try and wade through. This course is will ensure you are empowered with expert and experienced advice. To ensure you are both physically and mentally ready for the challenges of pregnancy, birth, recovery and early motherhood. Jump on the waitlist you don’t want to miss it !

Do I need any equipment for your sessions or online program ?

For my Brisbane based mobile personal training sessions I provide all equipment and you only need a small space. However I am happy to use any equipment you might have (we chat about this prior to commencing any session) For my online program most exercises can be done without equipment however I do highly recommend light resistance weights 2 – 5kg (depending on your fitness), micro resistance bands, a mat and also a medical grade fitball. Don’t stress I give you full recommendations on the best places to find these !

Should I exercise if I have morning sickness ?

Yes – it is ok to exercise with morning sickness.  Light exercise is the perfect way to improve energy levels and to feel more revitalised. I know how hard this is to fathom, but women who do my sessions have reported feeling so much better when they do exercise. However, if you are suffering from severe morning sickness – hyperemesis gravidarum. You will need to you obtain clearance from your Doctor before commencing any exercise.