It’s been my joy for over two decades to work with women, not during pregnancy and postpartum, but in every stage of life. I help women just like you to cherish their bodies and to use exercise as a way to connect better to their bodies.

Because you know what?

  • You don’t need to exercise to punish yourself for not being perfect.
  • You don’t need to exercise to the point of exhaustion to get results.
  • You don’t need to nutritionally deplete yourself to change your body.
  • You don't need Kegels and crunches for a "strong" core
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Hi! I'm Dahlas...

Why do i wake up every morning?

To educate and inspire women to enjoy safe and appropriate exercise so they can feel their physical and emotional best during all ages and stages of motherhood.

Being healthy to me means using exercise as a fabulous way to connect to our bodies rather than a just a tool to change it.

This is BodyFabulous !

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my philosophy

BodyFabulous pregnancy and postpartum fitness is based on the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang.

Or to put is simply – achieving balance.

Yin is the “oil” that fuels the fire. In order to stay motivated you need plenty of oil and the more you have, the more Yang you can output.  Yang  is the “fire” which is your motivation to train, work hard and get things done as a busy woman and mother.

Moving your body is a beautiful form of self-care. Learning to trust and tune in to your body creates a strong and positive mind-body connection, which I believe is crucial for every woman’s long term health and wellbeing. Working with me, you’ll fall in love with exercise and look forward to it, rather than it being a chore.

As women we need a different approach to working out. It’s not enough to take a cookie cutter approach with programs designed by men primarily for men, and just reduce the weight and reps and call it a female program. As women we wake up daily with a different body, with stress and lifestyle taking their toll, and the mental loads we carry 24/7. And that needs to be accounted for in our approach to exercise.

Essentially, to make Yang (high energy) you need Yin (relaxation)

As a working Mam of 3 children, I understand very well, the challenge for all women and mother’s to find Yin time.

In the Yang part of my fitness sessions – you will do safe cardio, conditioning and strength work that will help you achieve an improved physique & conditioning through the utilization of energy pathways that produce the greatest hormonal response conducive for fitness, endurance (helpful for labour and busy mama life) and fat-loss (without deprivation and depletion).

If your goal is to increase your weights, try kettlebells, get back to running or more try dynamic movements I will show you the best possible ways to progress with a deep core connection to avoid injury.

You can choose to push yourself or pull back depending on the day and discover how to focus on how you feel before and after each workout. Plus during every workout I provide you with a variety of options so you can tune into what is right for your body and your schedule.

Above all, you will increase oxygen and nutrient dense blood flow to your baby, release endorphins (happy hormones) and feel energised.

In the Yin part of my sessions – we will focus on mobility, stretching, relaxation and science proven neuroplasticity strategies, using my unique functional Pilates and structural balance movements. I can’t stress how essential it is as busy women we take time to learn how to do this.

As neural movement takes training to a whole new level by sprinkling cognitive challenges into workouts - this is where you shift from just “doing” the exercise to truly “feeling it” both physically and mentally. You will begin to not only release dysfunctional patterns but also build new neural pathways that physically make you stronger and also mentally affirm your worth. My secret sauce to achievable and sustainable results !

See below how I combine all of this using 4 key pillars as part of my BFABMETHOD

The BodyFabulous BFABMETHOD


When you work with me and follow my proven B.F.A.B. METHOD you'll

  • discover safe, simple and effective movements set the foundation for an energising and empowering movement practice. You will connect with your deep core and pelvic floor with fun total body workouts.
  • learn that your core is so much more than a 6 pack (it’s everything between the shoulders and the hips).
  • embrace the realisation that you don't need to do a thousand kegels and situps to train your core.
  • be able to exercise in your pj's if you want - it's about quality movement rather than quantity
  • learn to trust evidence based proven strategies
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These are the 4 pillars of success I focus on

b.f.a.b =


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b reath

Breath is an important focus in every Yin and Yang exercise I do. My main goal is to ensure your breath becomes second nature so that this is not forgotten not only in a workout but also during birth, recovery and those stressful curb balls that life throws us. Breath is also incredibly important for your pelvic floor – as your diaphragm is connected to your pelvic floor.  With every BFAB exercise you will learn the correct way to exhale and inhale to protect, connect to and optimally activate your pelvic floor - beyond just Kegels and crunches.


f unctional fitness

Variety is a proven key to keeping yourself motivated to meet your goals. Together we will hone in and discover exactly what suits you from my range of unique workouts. In my sessions, I will be there guiding you every step of the way on how to tap into, nurture and solidify your strength both physically and mentally in a way that becomes intuitive to your body and energy levels. My exercises will leave you feeling energised not exhausted so you can translate your workouts into functional everyday movement patterns for a lifetime of benefits

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a bs are not just your core

Discover your core beyond outdated spot training with crunches and Kegels. Your essential muscle the pelvic floor will be both lengthened, strengthened and supported with whole body workouts. Together we will tap into how movement and intensity can still be achieved, if you have pelvic floor concerns, diastasis, hip pain or back pain through a new dynamic behaviour patterns and using my unique fitball workouts.

It's time to enjoy a confident, capable core connection for life regardless of your age or conditions

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b ody & mind connection

This connection seems simple but is the hardest to master. Repetition is the key to neuroplasticity to allow you to release dysfunctional patterns and create the freedom to move intuitively through all elements of an exercise as new neural pathways are created. This is how you will shift from approaching exercise and movement “on auto-pilot” and instead decelerate so you can tune into “where do I actually feel this” or “are the right muscles actually working”. Combined with mindset strategies you will also learn to look after your busy mind as you progress through pregnancy, prepare for birth and navigate the long runway of motherhood. Enjoying a shift from traditional and conditional beliefs about how you think your body should look and instead tapping into truly being BodyFabulous !

The Secret Sauce...

The key ingredient to achieving all of the above is attention and commitment.  To achieve this I ensure all BodyFabulous sessions and my Online Programs are structured around what is happening in your personal schedule, to help you achieve the best results for both yourself, your baby or your family.

We will have fun, include lots of variety and and can even work out at a time and place that suits you.

My ultimate goal is for you to learn how to cherish your body mentally and physically during pregnancy and all stages of motherhood.

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A few things I believe

about fitness...

  • Exercising always to exhaustion is not the way to get results
  • With a little strategy & know how, exercising consistently during pregnancy & at any stage of motherhood can be easy plus set you (and your baby) up for life time of benefits!
  • That EVERYONE needs to know straight up, there are no BS solutions to how this works - forget quick fixes, magic pills or cookie cutter methods!

and a few more...

  • Now is not the time to try and navigate this on your own. Forget Dr Google or fitness hacking i.e. simply following someone because ‘they have had a baby’. Experts and experiences is the only way you will reduce overwhelm, achieve results and importantly not get injured
  • That if you are not having fun - you’re doing it wrong!
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The BodyFabulous

biz values

  • Be a good human - honesty and integrity is essential
  • Love what you do - and the rest will come to you
  • Good vibes always - enjoy life, inject a little smile into everything you touch
  • Legacy matters - make a ding in the universe !
  • Intelligence is sexy - get smart, learn something new everyday

Official Bio:

Dahlas Fletcher is one of Australia’s most respected and successful certified and experienced Pregnancy and Female Fitness Trainers.

Her combined experience as National Marketing Manager, a mother to 3 young children, and 20 years experience working as Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Studio owner all inspired her to create BodyFabulous.

Her goal is to help you be the happiest, most fabulous version of yourself, inside and out. By providing real evidence based solutions, that she personally used before, during and after her own 3 pregnancies and has shared with thousands of women.

“I have worked with women of all ages, stages and fitness levels to safely and confidently improve their health and well-being.
I have been in a high pressured career, been active through all my pregnancies and managed to get back into shape post birth without any extreme dieting or punishing exercise programs. I believe in cherishing your body during all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. By learning to listen to what your body is capable with safe and effective and proven strategies to ensure you become fit and strong for the challenges of birth and recovery. Importantly, I believe exercise and nutrition are fabulous ways to connect to your body and mind – not just tools to change it”

Dahlas Fletcher is based in Brisbane Australia, and has worked in the fitness industry for over two decades years.

Dahlas coaches women all around the globe with a comprehensive pregnancy, postpartum and specialised female focused training and wellness strategies, that are adapted to your varying stages of motherhood.  Including effective total body workouts (to assist your core and pelvic floor), resistance training, functional Pilates and unique fitball workouts all centered around her B.F.A.B method.

Discover how via 1:1 private coaching or join her comprehensive programs and workshops

With a background in both Fitness and Media/Marketing Dahlas offers a range of partnership opportunities such as brand ambassadorship, event hosting/speaking, blog sponsorships, social media campaigns, guest fitness sessions, corporate training and more !

Dahlas believes in working with brand partners that empower women and families to feel their best and share her passion for a healthy living and lifestyle. Dahlas also offers business mentoring to fellow fitness professionals

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  • BA Media Communications Macquarie University – Advertising & Marketing
  • Owner of Preggi Bellies QLD Specialised Pregnancy/Postnatal Group Exercise Training 7 venues – 10 years.
  • Burrell Education – Modern Pregnancy Exercise Integrated Core & Functional Training (Globally Certified for UK/USA Pregnancy Training)
  • Australian Fitness Network Certified Pregnancy & Post Natal Exercise
  • Australian Fitness Network Certified Exercising for Two
  • Les Mills Certified Instructor BodyStep, BodyPump, RPM – 10 years
  • Level 3 & 4 Certified Personal Trainer
  • Freestyle Group Exercise Instructor
  • Mat Pilates Instructor
  • Figure competitor INBA & NABBA – 3 years.
  • Level 2 Canadian Snow Ski Instructor
  • Current First Aid & CPR
  • Certified Fitness Professional Registered with Fitness Australia

Check out what others have been saying

EMMA, Brisbane

"Dahlas, i just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic program. I loved going to the gym before falling pregnant but now it is difficult to know what I can and can’t do. I love that I really feel I’ve actually done something when I’ve finished your workouts and that it is safely benefiting both me and my baby."

JEN, Scotland

“I love the variety of recipes and exercises in the online BFABMETHOD. I am no longer eating the wrong foods, or not enough – I feel satisfied. I put the my meal and exercise plan on the fridge each week and it makes eating and working out so easy. I highly recommend Dahlas.”

SUE, Newcastle

"Dahlas wrote me a personalised remote program to help maintain my strength and fitness while pregnant. With two small children at home to look after, I was starting to feel frustrated at my lack of exercise. This time round, I was not able to simply duck off to the pool or to a yoga class to participate in exercises which I knew were safe during pregnancy.

Dahlas gave me simple, practical advice together with a personalised program which has given me the confidence to safely exercise in my own home whenever I want - mainly when my children are sleeping. This is fantastic since I live in a different state to Dahlas !

I would highly recommend Dahlas for personalised fitness instruction while they are pregnant, even if in remote areas. I feel healthier, fitter and much more energised and this is my 3rd Pregnancy"

MARION, France

“Dahlas did the Tabata workout this morning and it was a real breath of fresh air. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to keep going. Which is a good sign during pregnancy ! I can’t wait to try the other interval sessions.”


"I have been training with Dahlas for over a year now. She is by far the best trainer I have ever had. She comes to my house so I don't need to organise babysitting. I have become so much fitter and stronger after the birth of my 3 children, and love how I feel after each session. Dahlas is amazing and I would most definitely recommend her to everyone ! "

JO, Brisbane

"Before falling pregnant, I was very fit having been an active runner and triathlete for a number of years. Keen to keep active during my pregnancy, particularly as I have a thyroid problem, I came across BFABMETHOD Core Cardio as a good alternative. I started in my second trimester and at first it was quite different but as I gave up running after 20 weeks and got heavier and more "awkward" in my movements, the sessions kept me fit and also bolstered my mood as the weeks got harder. My baby arrived via induction, plus she was posterior and 4kg big. All birth her drug free and had a healthy pregnancy weight gain of 13kg. I owe it really to having kept fit and active during all my 40 weeks. I was up walking as soon as I got home. I highly recommend these sessions. It's a great way to keep exercising during your pregnancy as it's safe and keeps you focused, with a professional like Dahlas.
Healthy mum, healthy baby !"

MORGAN, Wagga Wagga

“I was at the gym 2 days prior to birth completing an awesome total body workout. When I went into labour it was fast and neither the OB or Midwife could believe how fast I progressed and how well I could push. Post birth I was told in hospital I only had 1 finger ab separation and I am almost back to my pre baby body shape and size. Dahlas I can’t speak highly enough of your support knowledge and guidance.”

TASH, Brisbane

"BFABMETHOD online program - Gosh I love the ability to do your express workouts. They are the best - it's the difference between doing nothing and doing something during pregnancy.

GREG, Brisbane

"Dahlas, doesn't just train ladies ! have been training regularly at 5.30am with Dahlas at our local Norman Park gym. She pushes me out of my comfort zone every session and I am feeling fitter, less stressed and more energised."

JACQUI, Singapore

"I live in Singapore so I purchased a remote training package - a complete nutrition guide and a training plan completely tailored to me.
Dahlas has been completely responsive to my queries and questions, and has been so accommodating with time-zones for our calls.
The program has been a great help in keeping me confident and healthy, but most of all the program is perfect for me and my body and my schedule. Highly recommend her amazing services !"

LISA, Brisbane

"Dahlas was my Preggi Bellies trainer from when I was 15 weeks pregnant. I attended her Preggi Bellies fitball sessions at least twice a week until I was 37 weeks, and absolutely loved it! It's so much fun. Now that I've had my gorgeous daughter I'm back doing personal training with Dahlas to regain my lost fitness from the last few months. I will also definitely rejoin if I fall pregnant again."

MARIA, Brisbane

"I started BFABMETHOD while 6 months pregnant and am now 3 months post-partum. I found the food was great and the exercises worked around my PGP. I had pelvic girdle pain really bad that I had to quit work but the information I received from BFABMETHOD was so informative, it got me through 2 more months of pregnancy (my son came at 36 weeks). I now am still suffering PGP after having my son but now know what to do and how to properly exercise using CORE. I just wanted to thank you Dahlas for all your help."

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