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When is the right time to return to exercise after giving birth?

We always recommend you have seen your Doctor or Midwife prior to returning to exercise (normally at 6 – 8 weeks post birth). A delivery with no tears or cuts usually means you can return sooner, than one where you needed a ceaser or an episiotomy. You must have clearance from your medical practitioner before commencing any bodyfabulous or Preggi Bellies sessions.

Can your exercises help with labour and delivery?

Absolutely ! Research has shown that the right exercise during pregnancy can certainly shorten the second stage of labour and improve recovery. Women who are fitter and have gained less weight cope better and are more likely to avoid a ceasar and episiotomy in labour. During Bodyfabulous and Preggi Bellies sessions we also focus on some fantastic exercises you can do during labour and for post birth recovery.

Can you please tell me if you can improve my pelvic floor ?

You can definitely improve the strength of the pelvic floor, before during and after pregnancy specialised pelvic floor exercises. Feedback from women who do my sessions, report great results whether pregnant or postnatal and the pelvic floor exercises I do are all approved by a pregnancy physiotherapist. For best results you should do pelvic floor exercise during your pregnancy and after – to avoid any problems post pregnancy. Once you have had your baby incontinence symptoms should have disappeared by 12 weeks post delivery. If you are still having problems 12-14 weeks post delivery please seek help from a women’s health physiotherapist. The longer you leave this problem the less chance there is of rectifying it, many women do not realize that incontinence is not normal and should not be left alone. But it can be prevented and corrected if treated properly with the correct exercises. For more information please visit and please ensure you do pelvic floor safe exercises.

How common is the separation of abdominal muscles and how can I tell if I have it ?

Abdominal separation (or diastis recti) is totally normal. All pregnant women need their abdominal muscles to move apart to accommodate a growing baby. After you give birth it is best that you see a physiotherapist who can assess you and tell you if you have a separation. Abdominal separation is very common and can be reduced with safe and effective exercises done at both bodyfabulous and Preggi Bellies sessions.

abdominal separation

Can I take Protein Supplements while I am pregnant ?

During pregnancy, women require 15% more protein than a woman who is not pregnant, therefore it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the best sources of protein not only for yourself but also for the little one growing inside. There is a plethora of information online regarding whey protein and supplements for pregnant women. As everyone’s body is different, I suggest a combination of you doing your own research, and speaking to a health care professional to work out what is right for you and your body. Please read more here. For many of may clients I recommend supplements from Protein Supplies Australia as their products are : Australian made, all natural and contain zero artificial additives. Purity and high-quality is their main focus with “no nasties” plus they taste great !  To receive 10% off your order use the code : psa4preggibellies and order here

What are the best exercises to do, to firm up my belly ?

This is a question I get asked a lot! There are two parts to returning your belly to good shape. In the first instance you must ensure you have done safe and effective exercises when pregnant. Research has shown Women who exercise correctly when pregnant will return to shape faster and more effectively than those who do not. Secondly you must remember a lot of the baby belly is loose skin that can take up to a year to firm up. (Some women will not ever entirely lose this as skin – once stretched- cannot return back fully to it’s pre-pregnancy form). However with the right exercise and proper nutrition during and after pregnancy it is possible to return stretched tummy muscles to normal or close to normal. Please don’t get out there and start doing sit ups and planks – see a certified trainer about appropriate and effective exercises that are not going to provide further strain or damage to your core.

Is walking the best exercise while pregnant ?

Walking is not actually the best exercise for pregnancy. Women who walk a lot in pregnancy are at a higher risk for pelvic instability and back pain. You will find more information here