This free guides will help you kickstart your fitness journey so you can create a better connection to your body and create the consistency you've dreamed of.

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Pregnancy Exercise ToolKit

Tired of "fitness hacking" and Googling about what you can and can't do for exercise during pregnancy ?

I want to gift to you the tools I have use to coach thousands of prenatal women to achieve:

  • A healthy active pain free pregnancy
  • Better birth
  • Faster postpartum recovery
  • Safe and effective workouts

These tools have taken me years to refine and most importantly when implemented can help prevent common issues such as diastatis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Hit the button below and my pregnancy exercise toolkit is all yours !

Pregnancy + Postnatal Nutrition Guide

Pregnancy is not a time to use the excuse that you are “eating for two.”

However it is the time to ensure you are educated and empowered to make the right decisions, on the best ways to nourish both you and your baby during pregnancy and beyond.

That’s why I created my complimentary nutrition guide that is endorsed by Women's Health Nutritionist Georgia Marrion, we both have a holistic approach with a focus on health for rather than trying to reach numbers on the scales.




If only it were true that 50 Kegels a day, drawing belly button to spine and crunches were the best way to train your core and pelvic floor. It's time to stop believing this and making your symptoms worse.

This complimentary 20 page guide with 5 simple steps will teach you a better way, faster than you can put on your activewear.

Grab your copy now !



Hospital & Birth Check List

Getting prepared for birth and hospital can be both exciting and daunting. This birth and hospital bag check list is a wonderful resource as I compiled it together with my clients, friends and followers based on all their own birth experiences to create - the best birth & hospital check list

This list not only tells you what you should pack in your hospital and birth bag, but it also gives you some fabulous tips on what you can do to make your stay in hospital and post birth recovery more comfortable

snack guide

Nutritious snacks are a secret super power that I want to share with you. As most women are not eating enough (read why here) or if they are, it is not the most nutritious choices. 

As a busy Mama of 3 I know how hard it is both during pregnancy and during motherhood to stay well nourished. Especially when you are nauseous, tired, concerned about weight gain, or you are just totally over always prepping food for the rest of your family.

My snacks are going to help you boost your nutrition and ensure you are still eating delicious food !


Postnatal Recovery Timeline

Some days I want to shout from the rooftops, that just because you could doesn’t mean you should - when it comes to your postpartum recovery.

"Feeling good" post birth or postpartum does not necessarily mean you should do everything. I totally understand that this may seem counterintuitive especially after you have had 10 hours sleep, had your 6 week postpartum check up and feel fabulous in your brand new activewear.

However, it is crucial to honour your own postnatal recovery process…which is longer than 6 weeks as there is some deep heeling both physically and mentally that needs to happen.

Grab my complimentary postpartum recovery timeline for some evidence based guidance.

Diastasis Recti

Abdominal separation can cause some fear– but please don’t let that frighten you because it is a normal and natural occurrence during pregnancy - it HAS to happen, as the mid-line of the core (linea alba) needs to separate to make way for your growing baby.

For many women, after giving birth this separation will begin to heal and close itself during the fourth trimester - without any intervention. However, by utilizing a combination of intentional breathwork, rest, and rehabilitation, you can increase the chances of any DR healing naturally (this can begin in pregnancy).

Unfortunately, for some women, the gap will persist and cause pain or other issues. This is classified as injury-based Diastasis Recti. Injury based DR isn’t because of the muscles “separating” its based on the lack of integrity of the connective tissue and the inability for the tension to return as your core heals postpartum.
The more you can regulate intra-abdominal pressure (IAP)  through the synergy of smart core pelvic floor co-contractions, the better you protect the connective tissue, allowing it  rebuild or retain integrity.

This might sound  complicated. But it is not ! With a few simple steps it's never to late to begin the process. Begin now with my free infographic Diastasis download

Core Breath

Breathing is an automated natural process, that seems simple. However, when the challenges of pregnancy, birth, recovery and daily life occur functional breathing can be challenged due to a myriad of biomechanical and physiological changes.

Breathwork is popular as it works ! For most people, it is done seated and/or during meditation. Where breathwork becomes challenging is when we need to combine optimal breathing with movement or the stresses of everyday life.

This is when non optimal breathing often occurs and can include sub-conscious breath holding. When this happens, the deep core and pelvic floor are not functioning correctly, as the diaphragm is connected to the whole core.

If you are concerned about pelvic floor and core dysfunction and have tried everything to heal it but nothing has worked, you are not alone. In order to heal your pelvic floor, you must understand how everything in the body works together beginning with the essential foundation of breathing.

When core breathing is discovered and it consistently occurs, new neural pathways are created, which are a game changer when it comes to restoring the core or helping it to function optimally for life.

Discover your core breath ...

Fitball Fabulous Guide

Did you know ? When you sit or move on a fitball your body is imbalanced, so for stability it recruits many muscles to assist in activation and stablisation. This includes the pelvic floor and deep core.

This is why I believe the fitball is one of the most under-utilised items of exercise equipment.

Using a fitball is wonderful for pregnancy and birth prep but is not limited to only this.

Optimal movement on a fitball (including my unique core cardio) is an incredible way for the body to learn a potent new dynamic behaviour pattern. Which is important for the long term management and prevention of pain and to improve total core health.

However, it is important that the fitball you use is quality (or I recommend medical grade) plus that it is set up correctly for your size and height.

Grab the complimentary download below so you can begin your fabulous fitball journey ....

Posture Tonic

Discomfort including aches, pain and swelling can happen from the major postural changes that occur during pregnancy, recovery and the challenges of motherhood.

There are a collection of muscles in the body known as ‘tonic’ muscles. These muscles or stablisers are responsible for keeping us upright and balanced, and in a pregnant woman these tonic muscles will be working harder than usual to accommodate for the growing baby. As muscles tend to work in pairs, when these muscles tighten, they will be weakening others causing imbalances throughout the body. 

Due to the challenges of motherhood these imbalances can continue and cause aches and pains.

Good news ! This can be easily alleviated if you start to use some simple but effective postural tips while you are standing, sitting and moving throughout your day. They will also help you to connect better to your deep core and pelvic floor.

Ready to stand taller, alleviate aches pains plus strengthen and lengthen your body begin now with my complimentary infographic below


The power of modifying exercises can actually make your workouts more effective.

Why ? Because you are going to avoid injury and be able so sustain a more consistent exercise regime as you journey through pregnancy and all stages of motherhood.

Never think a modification is "too easy" or that it means you are "not working out hard enough". When you modify movement you will actually progress faster into more dynamic exercises as a modification allows you to slow down and tune in, if you have the right core connection, and strength in order to do a more progressive move correctly.
If you don't yet...don't sweat it !
The best place to begin is with my exercise modification cheat sheet. Use this to work at a slower pace in order to feel stabilization, core breath connection and lengthening through your body.
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