Ready to ditch the outdated “all-or-nothing" approach to exercise that is just NOT working for you, as it is keeping you stuck, making you feel more exhausted and distressing your core and pelvic floor? Bespoke’s modern approach will help you exercise and nourish yourself in a way that’s just right for you. So that you get moving in your body with more consistency, (RE)build your strength and fitness, and actually look forward to it !


Bespoke Coaching Program

For women at all stages of motherhood (from pregnancy to perimenopause) get fit and confidently progress to more dynamic movement without impacting their joints and total core health.

Beyond Kegels, crunches or counting calories !


You are keen to get your heart rate up, get a bit sweaty when you exercise, and feel those endorphins aka “happy hormones”, so you search for workouts online, head to a group class at the gym, decide to go for a run, or follow that workout your bestie recommended…

The exercises you inevitably do include star jumps, box jumps, skipping, jogging, crunches some planks and omg …endless burpees ! 

Sometimes some sneaky leakage happens during these movements, your hips and back start hurting and you quietly wonder

“....hmmm is this actually ok ?”

You want to ask the coach if there is another option, but you can’t or you don’t want to interrupt the session. 

So you diligently follow their cues...

“draw belly to your spine”, and trust “if it’s not hurting, it’s not working!” 

You push through, thinking “when I get fitter my symptoms should disappear” and “oh that’s right, I just need to add some foam rolling to my to do list !”

BUT the niggles continue so you probably “pad up and play on”....

Then eventually your body decides it’s too much so you have to stop.

The Truth Is...

The whole 'fix the pooch with planks, ''flat abs diet", “post-baby boot camp” or “go hard or go home” thing has really just been another failed fitness 'must do' you've checked off your to-do list with zero tangible results or at worse ongoing injuries.

the saddest thing...

am i right?

Even if you were starting to get momentum and feeling more energised, you know deep down, that you have no idea how you would have ever sustained that style of training for the long-term or how the heck would your pelvic floor cope ?

So, how on EARTH do you sustain consistency, and get results without leaking, feeling sore, depleted and with zero time in life ?


You also get the whole “make your pelvic floor a priority” concept in theory but at this point doing fifty Kegels a day feels overwhelming AF and most likely is making your symptoms worse not better !

Hey, I'm Dahlas...


I’ve been where you are right now ….

Despite being a part-time fitness trainer since the age of 17, not so long ago, I was also in your shoes.  Pre-Kids I used to spend hours in the gym pushing myself to near death depletion (on very limited calories) because I thought that was the only way to get results.

During my first pregnancy, often after instructing step or spin class I would get a niggling feeling, a voice saying “there’s heaviness and pelvic floor, should you be doing this ?”. So I dropped some classes and took up walking….but, then my hips started talking !

Post my first son’s birth, I decided extra resistance training would be the best way to go.  So with all my personal training confidence, I leapt into CrossFit ! Heavier weights are fine I thought, as “I am not doing anything high impact” …but my core didn’t seem to be healing in the most optimal way and I felt drained and not energised after each workout. 

However, I continued to push through.

But the niggling feelings continued, so I started asking fellow fitness pros, my Doctor, my friends and also Dr Google for the best ways during pregnancy and motherhood to maintain my fitness and overcome those niggles. 

  • “Your fit” they said - “your body will adjust !”
  • “Just reduce your reps” they advised “ and that should eventually feel better”
  • “Add in an extra rest day ” they agreed on  “it’s probably just because you are tired.”
  • Oh…and let’s not forget…. ‘have you tried foam rolling?’

So I scoffed and thought “well that’s easy” so I tried all of the above and also threw in some of my own made-up modifications.

Nothing changed….except that I felt even more overwhelmed and exhausted. I knew deep down, there had to be a better way, as working out SHOULD make you feel uplifted, energized, and fulfilled.

So, I decided to be fearless and in 2007, leave my corporate marketing career. With my son only 6 months old, I went to Melbourne for mentoring by two of Australia's best Women's Health Physiotherapists. It was here that I leapt out of my comfort zone and became certified in pregnancy and women’s fitness. 

It was also when I had a massive lightbulb moment ! 

Which has become the cornerstone of ALL my training methodology - I call the B.F.A.B. METHOD

I realised, for over the past decade, as a fitness coach, I had been taught about every single muscle in the body, except for the pelvic floor. Which is insane, as this muscle is the key foundation to whole body fitness and wellness !



  • At least 85% of women will have a baby in their lives* so pelvic floor and deep core training should be made a priority
  • More than 8/10 women are not receiving the optimal support and coaching from their trainer as the unregulated fitness industry does not require certifications or expertise in this area.
  • The majority of information available for pregnant and women who have ever given birth is outdated and harmful….with many unqualified fit-influencers sharing stuff like, “I just had a baby and bounced back so do what I do ! ”
  • Starving yourself by restricting calories, eliminating food groups entirely or wasting hours on the treadmill is messing with your hormones and causing your body to cling to fat !
  • Working out harder and longer doesn’t automatically guarantee results. Research shows that with just 10-minutes of moderate daily exercise, you can still improve your energy levels, heart health mobility, brain function and metabolism
  • 76% of women said that their physical symptoms post birth have impacted their mental health*
  • Post baby – all women are actually postnatal FOREVER so, specialist knowledge and experience is required for ALL stages of motherhood from pregnancy to perimenopause and beyond

Since discovering this and more, my goal is for ALL WOMEN to learn exactly what I’ve learned and start feeling FABULOUS

If you've been struggling for what seems forever to create a consistent exercise routine, that you actually look forward to, you are in the right place.



Imagine for a moment…Instead of dreading exercise

INSTEAD you woke up every morning doing something you love and starting each day with enthusiasm, energy and excitement

(and finally doing something just for you).

It’s time to develop a positive relationship with your body that fills you with confidence, joy and a fabulous core connection !

DF - Line Illustrations-02


✓ Look forward to exercise & self care everyday and not push it to the back burner.
Tweak minor adjustments to your lifestyle and movement patterns so you can feel confident trying a variety of fun workouts and create results that last a lifetime !


Let me introduce you to a workout method that you can do if …

You have, back pain, hip pain or knee pain
✓  You have core concerns including bloating, pelvic floor issues, prolapse, leaking or ab separation (diastasis recti)
✓  You are returning to exercise after birth or a long hiatus
✓  You are not sure what movements you can do during pregnancy
✓  You miss more vigorous workouts including cardio and running but don’t want those niggles or symptoms to appear 
✓  You are tired, overwhelmed and have a gradual worsening posture
✓  You are struggling to maintain consistent exercise
✓  You are short on time but want results
✓  You are ready to get your energy, strength and confidence back
✓  You want to return to doing the things you love not only in a workout but as part of daily life


It’s not. I believe, every woman deserves to workout in a way that makes you feel good about yourself

Make no mistake, this did not happen overnight. 

It took me years of coaching a variety of women at various stages of motherhood, instructing a myriad of classes and also training fellow fitness professionals with my unique BFABMETHOD.

Now I am on a mission to SPILL ALL MY SECRETS to help women just like you get fit, strong, energised and feel fabulous !


here's why....


We don’t fixate on the number on the scale, your clothes, or counting calories


We don’t use outdated cues like “draw belly button to spine” or “if it’s not hurting, it’s not working”


We don’t want you to be so sore you can’t do anything for the next day or week !

why? As that is NOT what being BodyFabulous is about.

You and your BODY deserve something better.

Fitness HAS to change from cookie cutter programs that push women to exhaustion and create OR exacerbate pelvic floor and core concerns

Statistics have proven, this HAS to stop

Are you ready for something TRULY different ?

More than just a fitness plan or a library of online workouts to wade through, BESPOKE is personally tailored to your needs...

In BESPOKE I prioritise you making REAL, tangible, & measurable results by guide your through a SPECIFIC-TO-YOU workouts and show you evidence-based mind body strategies based on neuroplasticity so you not only release dysfunctional patterns but also create fabulous new neural pathways. These will help you to optimally progress and scale your workouts appropriately, connect better to your core plus stay consistent.

I am only accepting a small group of females (as I like to work 1:1 with everyone in this unique high touch program) who are ready to start prioritising themselves with optimal mindset, movement and nutrition strategies. And who want to build consistency with proven and effective whole body workouts

…that actually train your core !

the B.F.A.B method





Functional training & Nutrition


Abs are not the only part of the core


Better body & mind connection with neuroplasticity

It’s simple, my B.F.A.B METHOD = quality movement over quantity.


Bespoke Curriculum

Here is a run down of what's included in a proven, effective female fitness solution, so you fall back in love with your body,regain strength, confidence and feel fabulous !

  • Online membership portal access incl over 100 + on demand workouts that smartly combine, pilates based moves, cardio and strength training. Plus HIIT, dynamic fitball core cardio workouts
  • PERSONALISED LIVE SUPPORT + mentorship from me on what workouts best suit, you, your lifestyle and symptoms in the portal COMBINED with...
  • PRIVATE 1:1 Online Personal Training sessions
  • Live 45 min SMALL GROUP sessions
  • Plus access to REPLAYS
  • COMPREHENSIVE NUTRITION plan including recipes, meal plans and shopping lists
  • ACCOUNTABILITY check-ins plus journals, habit trackers
  • Access to GUEST EXPERT MASTERCLASSES in mindset, health and nutrition
  • Epic BONUSES and more..

Depending on where you're at when you join us, your success path will include a mix of some or all of these B F A B phases below. With my personal guidance you together we will CUSTOMISE the roadmap that is best for you when you join.


B reath your way to a better core

  • Discover how breathing optimally is the foundation of every movement as your your diaphragm is connected to your pelvic floor
  • From 5 minutes a day, use the 14 days of FABULOUS FOCUS program to discover your FAB 4 CORE synergy, with simple ways to improve your pelvic floor and deep core beyond Kegels and Crunches - using breath, posture, pressure management and optimal movement
  • Progress to the best ways on how to connect breath and movement not only in a workout but as you go about your day - this is called incidental exercise will make all those mama movements magical
  • Slow paced sessions are a focus to ensure you drop out of flight fight mode and learn to “feel” rather than just “do” exercise. Fostering a better hormonal balance, postural alignment and deeper core connection.
  • Sounds simple ?  But you will still be challenged by intelligently combining breath, movement and muscle sculpting strength with a consistent focus.


F unctional training and Nutrition

  • Variety is a proven key to keeping yourself motivated to meet your goals. Together we will hone in and discover WHAT SUITS YOU from my range of workouts.  Your extra 1:1 private sessions with me, means I will be there guiding you every step of the way on how to tap into, nurture and solidify your strength both physically and mentally in a way that becomes intuitive to your body and energy levels
  • Combined with 12 months of access to over 100 + on demand total body functional workouts sessions, suitable for all levels of fitness -  including safe & effective HIIT,  strength and resistance, supportive cardio, bodyweight only, mobility moves, stretch and flow, meditations + much more
  • Discover how you can start with a 10 minute routine and if you feel good keep going, if not honour where you body is at and still build consistency and results.
  • 24/7 access means you also have the flexibility to workout when you can and take a break when needed. With just the click of your mouse or tap of your phone screen your exercises are on demand and can be done comfortably at home or whenever your mobile device takes you !
  • BONUS Group LIVE workouts are added to inspire and challenge you with variety, plus you can access all the replays as you need.


A bs are not the only part of your Core

  • By this phase you will understand exactly what I mean when I say “you can’t see the core of an apple” or your "core is more than just abs"- as you intuitively nourish, activate and connect better to your deep core, trusting when and how to challenge yourself
  • It’s time to build on your consistency through a variety of high and low CARDIO workouts that simultaneously train your CORE including my unique CORE CARDIO FITBALL WORKOUTS with motivating music !
  • Combined with access to DONE FOR YOU workout calendar. This means your daily session is always ready for you laid out for you so don’t waste a second trying to figure out what workout to do
  • You can choose to push yourself or pull back depending on the day and discover how to focus on how you feel before and after each workout. Plus during every workout I will still provide you with a variety of options so you can tune into what is right for your body
  • If your goal is to increase your weights, get back to running or more try dynamic movements I will show you the best possible ways to progress with a deep core connection to avoid injury


B ody & mind connection

  • Neural movement takes training to a whole new level by sprinkling cognitive challenges into workouts - this is where you shift from just “doing” the exercise to truly “feeling it” both physically and mentally 
  • With your established synergy of breath, movement and mental focus, you will begin to not only release dysfunctional patterns but also build new neural pathways that physically make you stronger and mentally affirm your worth. My secret sauce to achievable and sustainable results !
  • By now you will also trust that that repetition is the key to long term success, as science proven neuroplasticity strategies give you freedom to move move intuitively through all elements of each workout
  • You will also know how to prioritise rest and will move away from the mindset of “I don’t have time to exercise” to discovering how quality movement (over quantity) or taking time to journal, meditate or stretch is a fabulous way to shift your thoughts about how you want to feel each day
  • By now you will be more in tune with your body, be better at managing stress, will have a movement practice that you enjoy pain free, with minimised dysfunction and you will see your body, mind and spirit become stronger every day with support from a fabulous community of like minded women.


  • Discover how to fuel yourself- with no dogma, just a proven CLINICAL NUTRITION PLAN by our expert Nutritionist Georgia Marrion. Learn how what you eat matters at a cellular level to nourish your hormones, body and mind and heal your deep core.
  • Get instant access to our KITCHEN CORE, an incredible 8 week meal plan, shopping lists, recipes, PLUS specialised masterclass guidance so you can make eating well seamless and family friendly. 
  • BONUS : LIVE group session with Nutritionist Georgia so you can ask questions and get answers that are relevant to your own journey.

Results don’t just come from physical movement, attention to mindset is essential for long term motivation and success. Many of us think motivation is just something you FIND i.e “who do I need to inspire me, what do I need to get me motivated?”

But you actually FIND MOTIVATION WITHIN yourself.

But first, we need to move some other stuff around "clean and clear" in order to discover what our heart truly wants (or goals you want to achieve). From there, we start to UNLOCK TRUST and CONFIDENCE from within us and then SELF WORTH thrives, which is essential for motivation to happen ! 

To help you find your own FOCUS AND FLOW you will receive a range of fabulous downloadable mindset plans, accountability journals and habit trackers to help you get clear on your goals and how to make them happen with consistency and not overwhelm.

Self Paced. Self Care !

Motivation challenge

SSS Seafoam + Blush 18

You can then choose and test out what tools you want to use when you dive into our BONUS SELF PACED motivation challenge. Here is where you will learn how to prioritise YOU by curating your own toolbox of simple self care rituals and experience different mindset practices to discover what feels right for you

  • Plan your best week, month or 3 months ever (whatever suits you !)
  • Build positive habits,  track everything and stay motivated
  • Connect with your inner wisdom, practice gratitude, write goals, build confidence and keep a clear mind with a daily journal.

Your 90 day success plan includes a Goal planner, Daily Weekly & Monthly Planner, To Do List, Habit Tracker, Daily Journal with prompts, plus the Ultimate 30 day planner. 

It’s your choice to use one or use all of these BONUSES to keep you accountable, and taking aligned action that is more than just extra reps and sets !


Your Personalised Training...

Get expert support from Dahlas. This is a direct line to tap into the experience and expertise of a female fitness expert with LIVE GROUP WORKOUTS + Q&A time to discover evidence based workout strategies, over the shoulder modifications plus honest feedback and genuine support 

This exclusive member only community workout and question time will also help you tap into your fabulous female intuition to build better consistency and a fabulous connection others.


I have taken my 20 + years of experience in female fitness coaching PLUS extensive perinatal and pelvic health trainings and distilled it into this unique program to ensure fitness is more effective for you.

DID YOU KNOW ? Most fitness programs don't include ongoing (as needed) 1:1 coaching and check ins ?

It can be so exciting (and a bit nervy) to return to exercise or to start a new workout program. BUT what can be even more challenging ?

To CONTINUE on a program for the long haul

That is EXACTLY what we are going to change with BESPOKE. This is NOT a program you buy and it gathers dust in your inbox.

And as a fully certified pregnancy, postnatal and pelvic floor coach with mentoring from Women's Health Physios, plus in-depth training in Pilates, Les Mills programs, strength and conditioning programming and most importantly loads of experience coaching women at all ages and stages in their full, stress-y, messy lives - I wanted to create a program that helped people feel like they can keep showing up to exercise in a TRULY SUSTAINABLE manner.

Custom 1:1 guidance on your mindset and movement equals unshakable confidence so that your exercise programming is 100% aligned with your fabulous female body, so your fitness and nutrition choices can be the best they can possibly be.


  • Expertly designed BFABMETHOD workout plan BUILT FOR YOU and your specific needs, to help you progresses monthly (or as needed)
  • 30 minute initial online consultation with me to personally discuss your current goals, lifestyle, injuries, core or pelvic floor symptoms, pregnancy/birth/ surgical experiences, niggles or more !
  • 45 minute private 1:1 sessions (personal training workout OR private coaching call) with me Dahlas, to discuss your progress, nutrition tips, hone in on exercise techniques, strategize aches, pain or pelvic floor symptoms get guidance on the best on demand workouts in the portal for you and equipment- whatever you are needing in the moment to keep you consistent and comfortable !
  • Ongoing ACCOUNTABILITY check ins quick audio and video messaging from Mon to Fri
  • Very LIMITED SPACES as I like to work 1:1 with everyone in this program for a 6 month high touch focused commitment, your consistency is also sustained with your 12 month access to the BFABMETHOD online portal with over 100+ on demand workouts mindset tools and more; PLUS monthly LIVE group sessions.

Your personalised workouts with me 1:1 is where I share my exact training expertise I have used to coach thousands of women of all ages across the globe (for a fraction of the price). 

I will help you build a better whole body connection with specialised core focus so that your pelvic floor can engage naturally in a FUN and diversified range of movement that SUITS you, your energy levels and is sustainable for your lifestyle.

All group and 1:1 session REPLAYS will also be available in your membership portal so you can return to them as many times as you need during your access time.



There comes a time when asking for advice in free Facebook groups and chewing the ear off friends, partners or random mama’s doesn’t cut it anymore. Surround yourself with like-minded souls in our BESPOKE members only community, here you will connect, workout together and inspire each other in our exclusive group sessions.


“ For over a decade, I lived with a lot of pain in my lower back. In the two years that I have been working with Dahlas, she has helped me go from being afraid of exercising to moving my body in ways that I didn’t imagine would ever be possible again. I have significantly less back pain and have never felt stronger than I do now. "


Hit Play and Watch This !

introducing dahlas

I am a Mama of 3, fully certified pregnancy and women’s fitness specialist, the owner of BodyFabulous, creator of the BFABMETHOD and head coach of Bespoke. And the truth be told, I have never seen an opportunity like the one that currently exists

Times have changed

Technology has changed

The world has changed

And RIGHT NOW- RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND - is the best time in history ever to take advantage of it.

These days, female fitness is not as simple as downloading a YouTube workout, following a fit-influencer, joining Bob’s BootCamp, or doing exactly what your friend did as “they got results”

The market is saturated and unregulated, there is information overload, and it’s no longer ok to just treat females as “small men” when it comes to programming women’s health and fitness.

As far too many women feel…

Alone and that “my body has failed me !”

“Embarrassed” by “unspoken symptoms” like leaking or injuries to the pelvic floor.

“Conflicted” by what they should and shouldn’t be doing.

“Struggling” to find a way to meet their own needs, beyond a blanket approach.

With this shifting landscape comes a responsibility from me, a successful Personal trainer / Fitness Instructor, business owner and course creator with over 20 years of experience, to globally share with others NOW…


That is why I'm committed to changing lives by helping you harness the tremendous opportunity given to you in this digital age, to confidently connect better to your body, get back to doing what you truly love and to discover more freedom and happiness

With wifi, a proven strategy and someone to show your the way - anything is possible 


I have tested ALL the strategies and provide only what’s worked for me, based on 3 pregnancies, a miscarriage and varying recoveries, hard won experience in the trenches (including injury) and the successes that have catapulted the health and wellness of thousands of women for the past 2 decades.

Pre-kids I used to kill myself in the gym doing crazy hours of cardio and intense training because I thought I HAD to in order to see results. I have experienced not only my leanest, but my happiest, most fulfilling self through my unique method of movement 

I found it wasn’t the GIANT LEAPS, “go hard or go home workouts” or “tracking numbers” that get results. But small, consistent steps everyday that make a BIG difference. And most importantly that the way you train and nourish yourself during all stages of motherhood HAS to change because EVERY DAY you wake up with a different body.⠀

The biggest shift discovering that exercise is a fabulous way to connect to your body and not just a tool to change it

And ultimately? I believe you're not having fun and enjoying movement, you're doing it wrong (and I am here to change that for you

x Dahlas

The BodyFabulous BESPOKE experience combines a here’s exactly how you do it proven fitness and wellness success path with a variety of on demand workouts, clinically designed nutrition plan, personalised 1:1 training, group coaching and a curated community of handpicked fabulous women


This is NOT a boot camp with depleting workouts, fancy new activewear, and all about “feeling the burn”.

And if you think you're going to unlock an infinite feeling of happiness once you reach a certain number on the scale or by count counting calories- it’s important to re-think that goal. I don't just tell you how many reps to do...

Instead I let you know specifics so you can personally discover what SUITS YOU and how that will make a BIG DIFFERENCE to YOUR BODY including…

  • How KEGELS and “prolapse or diastasis safe” exercises are not as important as whole body functional movement
  • How to confidently build strength and move pain free for the LONG TERM
  • Why  you might be having trouble connecting to your CORE & PELVIC FLOOR 
  • How a working out with a FITBALL means you can still move dynamically despite pelvic pain, prolapse, lower back pain or pregnancy
  • Why connection needs to start from the INSIDE to OUT and the best ways to achieve this - not just in a workout but as you go about your day
  • How a 5 MIN workout is FABULOUS and how to make this suit your body and lifestyle
  • How to trust and EMBRACE the process, not just the desired outcome ..and look forward to it !
  • Why you might continually feel tight and stiff even after STRETCHING
  • Why being FIT, STRONG and CONFIDENT does not end when motherhood begins
  • Why WANTING MORE for your body & your whole life, IS simpler to achieve than you’ve been told.



Discover a dynamic workout method that’s fun and get results without high impact and overwhelm. Suitable for any stage of pregnancy, motherhood or life


















BESPOKE is a proven modern approach designed to personally coach you on HOW to sustain the level of fitness and wellness you love through, nutrition, mindset and specialist female focused workouts. That won't distress your core and pelvic floor

2016-04-03 09.01.51-2





Inside BESPOKE I will PERSONALLY help you to exercise and nourish yourself in a CUSTOM way that supports your hormones, core, pelvic floor and packed schedule !

With FUN and effective total body workouts and delicious nutritionist designed meal plans. You will ditch defaulting to Kegels, crunches and counting calories and instead naturally raise your dopamine and serotonin, which helps to cancel out those negative physical and mental effects and lower cortisol in the body. This then allows you to have more energy, to feel and look your best plus connect better to your global core....which YES includes your pelvic floor !

Reminder: BESPOKE is open to any level of fitness and any age, location or stage or motherhood and pregnancy (as long as you have medical clearance to exercise).


I genuinely want help those who will thrive inside of the Bespoke program !

LIMITED TIME. LIMITED SPACES  As I like to personally work 1:1 with everyone in this program, spaces are limited and will only be open for a very limited time.  When doors re-open I also can't guarantee the program will be offered at the same price and with the same inclusions.

Got questions now ?  You can reach me via email below or DM me / send me a voice note on Instagram here >> @bodyfabulousfitness

OR JOIN NOW via the button above. (Payment plan, Credit Card and PayPal options)

STEP 3 : Bespoke Official


IMPORTANT : When join you will get immediate access to the pre-course materials inside the portal. Please check your spam & promotion folders or get in touch if this has not arrived. 

Once you join you will BOOK IN YOUR INITIAL 1:1 CONSULTATION call in my calendar and we'll prepare what's needed for you to get access and orientation to the membership portal to begin your BESPOKE JOURNEY.

Still not sure or got questions ?

Check out the FAQ'S BELOW or Get in touch >>CLICK HERE

The BESPOKE program is only rolled out at specific times to ensure participants get the most out of our program time and I can be there to offer support. This means, I only offer access to new participants for limited time periods so I can spend the rest of the time focused on my current intake.

Designed for women at all ages and stages to get stronger and fitter without destroying their core and pelvic floor function

If you

  • are tired of mindless workouts
  • want to discover that doing hundred Kegels is not going to fix your leaking, diastasis or prolapse symptoms
  • know that the "all-or-nothing" approach to exercise is just NOT working for you. It is keeping you stuck, feeling unsuccessful and wanting to give up
  • want eat for fuel and nourishment instead of restriction and guilt
  • crave more creative and intentional exercise
  • longing for a workout plan that will help you feel more comfortable in your body
  • want to challenge your body in new ways, without leaking, heaviness or ongoing aches and pain
  • want to move smarter not harder and still get results’ve come to the right place!


Are you Ready...

To ditch the old way of doing things that is keeping you stuck, making you feel more exhausted and distressing your core and pelvic floor ?

Learn how to use optimal breath and movement to make ANY exercise a core exercise

Increase your mobility, strength, muscle definition with low-impact but dynamic workouts

Feel better in and about your body


Access abundant information about nutrition, fitness & wellness

Enjoy your workouts 28%* more with energising music


First up, we don’t use a FITBALL in all workouts, but it is my favourite item of equipment - here’s why..

June 38 - Landscape

Dynamic & Supportive

My unique fitball and whole body workouts will offer you a remedy to high impact injury prone exercises, with intelligent dynamic movement making you feel deeply supported and connected both mentally and physically.

'I love these workouts ! I did them throughout my pregnancy and leading up to my birth and also after. I am astonished how quickly my pelvic floor healed and abs came back together due to the specialised moves.'


'Before falling pregnant, I was very fit having been an active runner and triathlete for a number of years. Keen to keep active during my pregnancy, particularly as I have a thyroid problem, I came across Dahlas fitball workouts as a good alternative. I started in my second trimester and at first it was quite different but as I gave up running after 20 weeks and got heavier and more "awkward" in my movements, the sessions kept me fit and also bolstered my mood as the weeks got harder. My baby arrived via induction, plus she was posterior and 4kg big. All birth her drug free and had a healthy pregnancy weight gain of 13kg. I owe it really to having kept fit and active during all my 40 weeks. I was up walking as soon as I got home. I highly recommend these sessions. It's a great safe way to keep exercising and keeps you focused, with a professional like Dahlas.
Healthy mum, healthy baby!'


 'I started these Core Cardio Fitball workouts when I was 15 weeks pregnant and did them a least twice a week until I was 37 weeks, and absolutely loved it ! It's so much fun. Now that I've had my gorgeous daughter I'm back doing the workouts to regain my lost fitness from the last few months. I will definitely also be continuing to do them during and after pregnancy again'


Can it Happen Overnight ?

No. You still need to do the work and I won’t sugarcoat that.

Truth Bomb !

QUICK FIXES are false and do not create sustainable long term results.

But will it be Worth it !

OH YES & I will be there in Bespoke guiding you every step of the way


Bespoke is a platform to support females who understand that fitness is about more than just counting calories reps and sets

It’s TIME to say ‘SEE YA” to…

  • That niggling voice whispering that there has to be a better way to move and nourish your body, and when the heck are you going to take action and do something about 
  • Resorting to quick fix, DIY and band-aid solutions that temporarily “fix” your problems but don’t address the root cause
  • Wellness and fitness strategies that have too many rules and exclusions, as you just want to get back to simply doing what makes you feel good !
  • Forcing yourself to have “willpower” as you deprive and deplete yourself
  • Doing Kegels with little effect or worsening symptoms.
  • Putting strain on your body that stops your fitness progress dead in its tracks
  • Decision fatigue about what you can or should do when it comes to exercise and nutrition

It’s TIME to say “HELLO” to …

  • A more personalised online workout program where modifications and motivation are personally offered for all levels of experience 
  • Getting fit and confidently progressing to more dynamic movement without impacting your joint, pelvic floor, total core health
  • A unique and proven way to move your body and maintain your fitness during pregnancy and throughout the long runway of motherhood.
  • Tapping back into your incredible female intuition to honour the changes happening to your body
  • A workout program that suits your energy levels, time and fitness level so you can build consistency without overwhelm
  • A movement practice that is not just about a number on a scale but has unique training techniques that are backed up by research and have helped thousands of women
  • Discovering a new deep core connection and finding joy in movement.
  • Getting fit with a smile on your face


at a glance

Bespoke has been designed to give you some structure you've likely been craving.  There are unique touchpoints and "always on" elements you can access whenever you need them, so you feel supported but not overwhelmed.  When you join, you'll immediately feel the focus of a proven female fitness strategy

the experience & expertise

uniquely for you...

Onboarding & Welcome Session

with Dahlas

30 MINUTE PRIVATE CONSULTATION : We will personally connect online and get you orientated so you can confidently commence Bespoke experience with private 1:1 consultation to discuss your goals and challenges plus discover how to navigate the BFABMETHOD portal.

personal training sessions

with Dahlas


  • Expertly designed BFABMETHOD workout plan BUILT FOR YOU and your specific needs, that progresses monthly (or as needed)
  • 45 minute private sessions (personal training workout OR private coaching call) with me Dahlas, to discuss your progress, hone in on exercise techniques, strategize aches, pain or pelvic floor symptoms - whatever you are needing in the moment to keep you consistent and comfortable !
  • Ongoing ACCOUNTABILITY check ins quick messages to keep you on track
  • Very LIMITED SPACES as I like to work 1:1 with everyone in this program with HIGH TOUCH 1:1 and small group commitment, your consistency is also sustained with your 12 month access to the self paced online BFABMETHOD portal.

MONTHLY LIVE group sessions

with Dahlas + Experts

LIVE GROUP SESSIONS : With a curated group of like minded females, you will sustain your consistency with monthly virtual access to me as your LIVE Group coach, a certified and experienced pregnancy and women's exercise specialist who will give you easy aligned action to grow your fitness and strength progressively without depletion and overwhelm. These MONTHLY sessions include LIVE GROUP WORKOUTS, mindset masterclasses with both me and incredible guest experts.

12 month access to the unique ONLINE BFABMETHOD PORTAL

on Demand

12 MONTHS OF ON DEMAND WORKOUTS AND WELL BEING : Being fit, strong and confident does not end when motherhood begins with a consistent and proven female focused movement practice.

The unique BFABMETHOD portal includes :

  • 100 + full body workouts that are categorised by time, equipment and to suit all levels of fitness, age and stage. Include a variety of mat only exercises, safe & effective HIIT,  strength and resistance,  fitball fabulous cardio, mobility moves, stretch and flow + much more.
  • Mindset / neuroplasticity tools and masterclasses
  • Live Replays + Workout Calendars
  • Accountability Journals and Habit Trackers
  • Your Comprehensive Clinical Nutrition plan
  • All aligned with the proven and MODERN, BFABMETHOD pathway

Workout + wellness calendars

Connect better to your body

For many women jam packed work weeks, plus running around after kids means getting to the gym or scheduling in a workout is HARD. These calendars mean your daily ON DEMAND session is always ready for you laid out for you so don’t waste a second trying to figure out what workout to do.

AS MIA SAID : "What I love about these calendars is that after my 6 months of 1:1 private sessions ended, I trusted that if I followed the calendar, even on days when I only get 1/2 workout in, I knew I would still making progress, because I now feel so much stronger and more capable in my body. Best of all I love that I can do these on-demand workouts at home and they are short but effective plus the calendar includes other things like recipe inspo, mindset tips and self care. I simply save it to my desktop and click on the links - it's so easy! 

comprehensive nutrition plan

Family friendly meal plans


Designed by an accredited nutritionist who specialises in female health and hormones and scheduled to inspire you with over 8 weeks of meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, snack guides and smoothie love !

PLUS Bonus Live Q&A with Nutritionist Georgia during your 12 month portal access - so you get direct support for your journey

A selection of downloadable accountability tools

Your Success Plan

ACCOUNTABILITY & EDUCATION MADE EASY :  With a selection of downloadable tools, it’s your choice to use one or try them all to keep you accountable, and taking aligned action !

These tools will also help you get the most out of your 1:1 private sessions with Dahlas (record your progress, questions, habits and challenges) with your...

  • Daily Planner
  • 30 or 90 day success plan
  • Habit Tracker
  • Checklist
  • Goal Planner
  • Plus dive deeper with educational tips and infographics to help with accountability, mindset, motivation and more !


BONUS : 30 day Motivational Challenge

Self Paced

NEUROPLASTICITY WORKS and is boosted with this motivational mindset challenge - no activewear needed !

The brain possesses the remarkable capacity to re-organize pathways and create new connections (neural pathways). This science proven challenge allows you to learn new things, over come dysfunctional patterns (both physically and mentally) and regulate emotions. This SELF PACED bonus challenge is a game changer for lasting results and progress !


a Fabulous Group Connection

Accountability & motivation with a curated group of fabulous females. Your fabulous way to connect is not on Facebook and at your fingertips for sharing and support !

Equipment for Success

with Exclusive Discounts

Professional guidance on where to buy quality equipment. Plus BONUS exclusive member only offers

Retreats & Workshops

First Access

Opportunities to continue your Bespoke journey and connections made with our BFAB GRAD sessions, offers and face to face events.

You will be first to know about them!

Bespoke 1:1 personal training plus group coaching, combined 12 months of unlimited BFABMETHOD access valued at over $9000

“Training with Dahlas has been life-changing for me. Not only has she helped me feel stronger, but I’ve felt a profound impact on my posture, core strength and pelvic floor. I would recommend Dahlas and the BFABMETHOD to anyone who is looking to transform their mind and body. "  

- Olivia

Bespoke participants are capped when we open the doors.  So I can give you the attention you deserve !

BESPOKE is the only fitness program that is personally tailored to your needs and understands the unique needs of women - especially with core and pelvic concerns. I will help you get fit, confident, and energized even in a packed schedule

I am only accepting limited participants so I can give you super-personalised attention

BESPOKE is not about spending hours in the gym or striving for perfection, it’s about using science proven modern female fitness methods and nutrition to connect better to improve your WHOLE BODY HEALTH. So you can feel fabulous, strong + confident in YOUR skin without leaking, aches, pain and losing your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about the course, the content or the inclusions?
Send us an email HERE.

Ever had a baby...

And you know life should be more than boring Kegels, being treated as a diagnosis with a list of what is wrong with you and prescriptive exercises to "fix" you. Or simply being told, "that's just the new normal" of motherhood !".

Bespoke is for you, with a modern approach to core and pelvic health using total body workouts, nutrition with no dogma and science proven mindset strategies that will help you feel strong, confident and in control of your body again.

And you will get FIRST access to my private masterclass

This is complimentary (and is my life's work so spots are limited ) As I am going to give you actionable tips to see improved performance and strength, plus reductions in pelvic floor symptoms brought on by exercise or daily life

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