Healthy Iced Coffee – protein boosted.


I am not a huge coffee drinker however during pregnancy I craved iced coffee ! Especially when the heat hit Brisbane in January/February. During pregnancy your daily protein requirements increase by 15% . So I have created a healthy version of iced coffee that is protein boosted …plus can be made caffeine free if required. This…

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Healthy High Protein – Choc Mint Smoothie.


It was such a warm autumn day in Brisbane today so I made this delicious high protein smoothie for Miss 3 and I. Her favourite thing at the moment is Choc Mint ! So we just had to have a Choc Mint Smoothie. Chia Seeds in a smoothie This choc mint smoothie is really thick…

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Green Smoothie – gluten free, dairy free, sugar free.

Pregnancy nutrition can be challenging, especially in the first trimester. One way to help keep morning sickness at bay (or help manage it) is to eat food rich in vitamin B6 and potassium. Avocados happen to be rich in both, with a 1 cup portion meeting 20% of the daily value for each. You’ll also…

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