Should I be eating FISH during pregnancy ?


A nutrition question that is commonly asked is …“Can I eat fish during pregnancy ?” Fish can be eaten during pregnancy and it IS packed with nutrients, however. if you are not a fish lover or struggling with pregnancy nausea please don’t worry as as nutrients in fish (mainly protein and beneficial fats) can also…

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Home Workouts for everyBODY


To my beautiful clients, class participants, friends, followers and anyone else who has stumbled upon this page. You are no doubt overwhelmed and feeling alone…due to social distancing. disruptions to normal routines and general uncertainty. While we DO need to physically separate, we also need to make the effort to stay connected as a local…

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5 steps to safely return to running after pregnancy


So Mama ? Do you want to return to running after pregnancy… give a fun run a go, or simply use running as a form of exercise. Running after birth is possible, however you do need a progressive strategy to ensure it happens safely and effectively – just like my gorgeous client Cath. The 5…

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