Pumpkin Bread- Gluten Free + FODMAP friendly


Pumpkin is high in antioxidants and restorative minerals (perfect for post birth healing) including potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, C + E. Pumpkin also helps support a healthy immune system and digestive system and it the perfect toddler and first baby food ! This recipe is also low FODMAP as it uses Japanese Pumpkin and makes…

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Chocolate Caramel Almond Hearts – sugar free, gluten free, dairy free.


At my Free Pregnancy Fitness Seminar on Friday evening, we all munched on these delicious Chocolate Caramel Almond Hearts. An easy recipe that is high in healthy fats and natural protein and is sugar free. Recipe Healthy Choc Caramel Almond Hearts Ingredients : 1 cup of dry roasted almonds 1 tbsp cacao powder Generous pinch…

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Superfood – Kale. Super Vegetable. Super Versatile.


Kale is a superfood. Yes it is a super vegetable…its not just one of these new “trendy” health fads. It is my favourite vegetable as it is SO VERSATILE you can use it in salads, smoothies, stir fries and I even add it as a “hidden veggie” in my bolognaise sauce (which is on high…

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