What is Prehab and why it is essential for all workouts ?


You don’t get results by doing ONE thing to help your progress then maintain those results by simply going back to what you were doing before (or do nothing) You can NEVER stop doing what made you “better” ! I mention this because so often I see many women do “rehab” for an injury (including…

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Are your BICEP CURLS giving you back pain ?


Did you know simple micro-adjustments when you workout can really help you avoid pain and connect better with your body ? Let’s talk about Bicep Curls If you are lifting too heavy or have a heavy anterior load #hellopregnancy “rocking” or torso movement can happen during a simple exercise like a bicep curl Watch my…

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Home Workouts for everyBODY


To my beautiful clients, class participants, friends, followers and anyone else who has stumbled upon this page. You are no doubt overwhelmed and feeling alone…due to social distancing. disruptions to normal routines and general uncertainty. While we DO need to physically separate, we also need to make the effort to stay connected as a local…

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