Are your BICEP CURLS giving you back pain ?


Did you know simple micro-adjustments when you workout can really help you avoid pain and connect better with your body ?


Let’s talk about Bicep Curls

If you are lifting too heavy or have a heavy anterior load #hellopregnancy “rocking” or torso movement can happen during a simple exercise like a bicep curl

Watch my video below where I demonstrate how this could be happening and how to fix it …

Back pain from Bicep Curls

Repeatedly doing the first movement can lead to lower back pain and long term injury !


If you think you are doing the BICEP ROCK or using your back as a lever…try positioning yourself on your knees for better stability then check …

  • Are your elbows directly underneath your shoulders
  • Eyes on the horizon
  • Are you exhaling as you lift
  • Avoid gripping your weights too tight

This is going to give you an optimal level of function and better understanding about what true CORE STABILITY means…as YES your core is working to stablise you even during a bicep curl and NO this doesn’t mean you need to draw belly button to spine to make this happen !

Exhale on the effort instead and slow down your movement…see what happens

Do you feel a better connection ?

I would love to know if you try this. Reach out in my Facebook Community here called the #BFABSQUAD

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