Intimacy after birth can be challenging


This topic should not be taboo, however discussing S.E.X after babies is something that is often avoided. Most conversations I hear from new mama’s are about birth control, and rarely about some of the challenges that can emerge both physically and mentally when it comes to intimacy after birth. Losing your mojo or being overwhelmed is…

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Instagram Reels for Pregnancy and Post Natal Mamas


So I have been having a bit of FUN lately on Instagram Reels ! I love movement and music so I will be honest making these little clips does bring me joy. Plus I hope more mamas will learn some key tips about cherishing your body and mind during pregnancy and motherhood. Answering FAQ on…

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Become a Certified Pregnancy & Post Natal Trainer + Fitness Business Mentoring


If you are a fitness professional and you train women, it is highly likely you will need to expand your knowledge. Why you need to expand your knowledge if you train women? At least 85% of women will have a baby in their lives Post baby – all women are postpartum FOREVER so specialised knowledge…

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