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Become a Certified Pregnancy & Post Natal Trainer

If you are a fitness professional and you train women, it is highly likely you will need to expand your knowledge. Become a Certified Pregnancy and Post Natal Trainer with Burrell Education – Modern Functional Pregnancy Exercise course.

Why ?

  • At least 85% of women will have a baby in their lives
  • Post baby – all women are postpartum FOREVER so specialised knowledge and certified trainers are needed.
  • More than 8/10 women are not receiving the optimal support and coaching from their trainer as they do not have this area of expertise
  • The majority of information available for pregnant and postpartum women is outdated and harmful.

Get the best training possible with this globally recognised course for fitness professionals.


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Burrell Education Australia Face to Face Course 

I highly recommend the face to face course Modern Functional Pregnancy Exercise with Clare from Burrell Education Australia. I recently completed this course to refresh my knowledge and become GLOBALLY certified as Pregnancy and Post Natal Trainer. Read more about the Burrell Course here 

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Contact Clare at Burrell Education for further details and make sure you mention me.

For further information send me a message I would love to help you on your journey to becoming a certified pregnancy and post natal trainer.