Mundia 32 weeks pregnant from Instagram @A FitterHappierYou.


This months’ bellyfabulous woman is Mundia from the inspirational instagram account @afitterhappieryou.

” A Mummy to be, who enjoys good food & working out.
Hoping to inspire & motivate along the way to a fitter, happier and healthier lifestyle. “


Mundia’s Bellyfabulous Tips :

How many weeks pregnant are you ? 32 weeks

Why is exercise important to you ? Exercise makes me feel good. I feel healthier and happier when I workout and I believe this resonates into other areas of my life, like work and relationships. As I feel and see myself getting stronger and fitter – I can’t help but want to keep it up !

How often do you exercise now you are pregnant ? 4-5 times a week

What exercises you do ? A mixture of strength workouts and cardio. I focus on arm workouts twice a week and the same for leg workouts. For cardio, swim, jog or cycling on the stationery bike – all low impact. I have also incorporated lots of stretching exercises and prenatal yoga.


Many women finding eating healthy when pregnant challenging especially when out an about – do you have any suggestions for healthy and satisfying choices ? I definitely agree with this point, however one can also make healthier choices by being prepared with your own snacks. Carry around a sweet snack like fruits and a salty snack like crackers in your bag with you so that when the cravings hit, you have a healthy snack option. Also trail mixes and water are never far from my side


What are you most looking forward to when becoming a mum ? I am most looking forward to one day being a role model for my child

For more daily inspiration and fabulous meal prep inspiration from our bellyfabulous Mundia please follow her

instagram account afitterhappieryou.

I just love what she recently posted …..


Thanks for sharing Mundia and we can’t wait to hear your baby news and wish you all the best as a new mum x



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