Looking and Feeling Fabulous with Post Natal Mum – Cath.


If you are looking for inspiration then you have to meet my amazing client Cath.

I have been training Cath for 2 years and she has not only been committed to her physical health, but also her mental health. To see Cath tackle Anxiety and Post Natal Depression as a Mum to 3 children, plus openly talk about the challenges has been truly admirable. Cath also never wanted to miss a training session and this consistency shows. Her goal was to wear a bikini for her holiday to Hamilton Island in January 2017 and she did it ! Doesn’t she look fabulous. Best of all she feels fabulous.


Meet Cath.

My name is Catherine, I’m 35 and married with 3 kids. We have two boys, aged 2 and 5, and one girl aged 3.5. I work part time as an occupational therapist/case manager in brain injury rehabilitation.

What did you find challenging about Pregnancy ?

All three pregnancies were different. With my first, I ate for two or three! I gained a fair bit of weight and a lot of fluid. I then lost loads of that weight and started my second pregnancy super fit and healthy. My varicose veins we really bad in my second and third pregnancies and I had to wear full length compression stockings. I also had issues with pelvic instability with all three pregnancies. Above all my anxiety was definitely the most challenging. I took medication throughout my last pregnancy but I was still extremely anxious and had to be induced just after 38 weeks. My son hadn’t even engaged so that was pretty frightening

Did you have any challenges post-birth ?

After all three births, I had pelvic instability, lower back pain and upper back/neck and shoulder pain. Seeing a physiotherapist helped me through most of the pain. I  also had mild Post Natal Depression and Anxiety after my first two kids, but after my third it was particularly bad. My son was a terrible sleeper and terrible feeder. No matter what we tried, nothing made a difference. I ended up being admitted to hospital for treatment of my anxiety and PND, and basically to get some much needed sleep. That was the most challenging year of my life. However despite it I continued to exercise and it definitely contributed to my recovery.

How long of you been training with Bodyfabulous ?

I have been training with Dahlas since June 2015, when my third baby was around 4-5 months old. He’s now 2 ! And I’ve been consistently training pretty much every week since I started. I now continue to train weekly with Dahlas in joint sessions with a friend, training with her is a great motivation!

Tell us about your sessions ?

Every session is different, targeting different muscles and fitness. We do exercises with weights or just body weight. When I first began we focused on pelvic floor safe cardio and pelvic floor / core restore exercises and have now progressed safely to more intense cardio including running and a variety of core exercises . What I love about our sessions is that I never get bored and I always look forward to them!

What have been your training goals ?

Initially, my goals were to gain core strength, fitness and lose weight. I also wanted to improve my nutrition, which Dahlas has helped me with greatly. Now, I love to run, I just completed my first half marathon ! Dahlas tailors our sessions to helping improve my running. I also want to maintain my post baby weight loss and remain strong and fit.


If you had any advice to any other Mum wanting to exercise during or after Pregnancy what would it be ?

Firstly get medical clearance to exercise. Then find a trainer who is certified for training in pregnancy and post-natal exercise. Find a friend to exercise with for motivation! Be consistent but listen to your body. And go easy on yourself. Your body is truly amazing…you just made a small human!


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