The benefits of sourdough bread – pregnancy postpartum


Authentic sourdough bread has amazing health benefits. Many people avoid bread and often for good reasons, as today most supermarket breads are highly processed and packed with artificial additives. Traditional sourdough however is made by one of the most traditional forms of grain fermentation – dating back to ancient Egypt and has numerous health benefits.

I highly recommend adding sourdough as part of your pregnancy and postpartum nutrition plan and for more tips grab my freebie nutrition guide here.


Sourdough and gut health

I am so lucky that my mother-in-law makes traditional sourdough from scratch and my 3 kids love getting involved in the process. We all regularly get the benefits of freshly made authentic sourdough.

Most leavened breads use commercial baker’s yeast to help the dough rise. However, traditional sourdough fermentation relies on “wild yeast” and lactic acid bacteria that are naturally present in flour to leaven the bread. Wild yeast is more resistant to acidic conditions than baker’s yeast. This is what allows it to work together with lactic acid-producing a natural bacteria to help the dough rise.

Lactic acid bacteria can be found in several other fermented foots, including kombucha, yogurt, kefir, pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi – all wonderful for gut health. I am personally sensitive to gluten and I find I have no troubles with sourdough. Plus one slice keeps me full for a very long time !⠀

The kids and I normally start our day with a slice of sourdough topped with scrambled eggs or we snack on sourdough with avocado plus salt and pepper after school. Delicious !


Health benefits of authentic sourdough

  • Sourdough is easier on your digestive track as the phytase enzymes released by the fermenting yeast, as the dough acidifies effectively pre-digests the flour.
  • Simplified – this is a fermentation process which releases the micronutrients and in turn is great for gut health ! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Sourdough bread also takes longer to digest; studies have shown that rye flour added to sourdough can help regulate blood sugar levels which helps ward off diabetes.
  • The sourdough fermentation process also increases folate levels in the bread. Folate is an essential micronutrient for both during and after pregnancy (especially if breastfeeding) as it is a B group vitamin needed for a baby’s healthy growth and development. Folate also helps to prevent birth defects known as neural tube defects.


If you don’t want to make your own Sourdough try purchasing from an authentic sourdough bakery as some store-bought sourdough breads are not made using the traditional sourdough method, thereby reducing their health benefits.

I would love hear your thoughts on sourdough and what you top yours with !

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