How to relieve aches & pain during pregnancy, postpartum & motherhood


For all those pregnant or postpartum mamas or anyBODY suffering with aches and pain including : SIJ, pelvic girdle pain, sciatica or back pain, grab yourself a massage ball or tennis ball then…

Follow my 2 minute video below

A simple and effective tips to relieve pregnancy + mama aches and pains

This method such a great way to release tension in your glutes, lower back and mid back muscles – hello breastfeeding pains !


Simply follow these steps with a physio ball or tennis ball :

  • Pop it in the fleshy part of your glutes and stand up against the wall.
  • Tight glutes are often related to lower back pain
  • Soften through your knees
  • Roll the ball around in all the tight and sore spots for 2-5 minutes and enjoy the relief
  • Keep your eyes up on the horizon (avoid looking down as this only creates further neck tension)
  • Can also be used for your shoulder blade area #myfavourite… feels fabulous when you gently roll around your scapula

Let me know if you try or how do you find relief from those Mama aches and pains ? Reach out to me in my Facebook Community called the #BFABSQUAD


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