SupaCore scientifically proven to support your CORE


I am often asked about compression support for pregnancy, post birth recovery and motherhood. SupaCore is proudly Australian and has a unique scientifically proven CORETECH waistband technology which has developed to into activewear including leggings and shorts that can be worn during pregnancy, sport and exercise – for any level of fitness.

Best of all CORETECH by SupaCore was designed in collaboration with Women’s Health Physiotherapists, so is patented technology which means it is classified as a Medical Device (approved by the TGA in Australia) and in the EU. Health Fund Rebates are also available.

What is SupCore’s scientific CORETECH™ Techology ?

CORETECH was developed by SupaCore for all levels of sportspeople (elite athletes to fitness fanatics or casual movers) and pregnant / postnatal women, to assist with post workout recovery, injury prevention, pre and postnatal pelvic related issues and rehabilitation from injuries including :

Osteitis pubis
Hamstring injury
Gilmore’s groin
Groin disruption
Groin injury
Inguinal disruption
Abdominal separation
Lower Back Aches and Pain
Diastasis Recti
Sportsman’s hernia
C-Section Recovery + Scar support
Adductor muscles strain
Pubic Symphysis support
Pelvic instability
 Heath benefit rebates may be available for SupaCore – check here

The CORETECH™ Shorts and leggings have been engineered and body mapped via the inbuilt sacroiliac belt to replicate the body’s own deep stability system by providing optimal placement of external compressive forces throughout the pelvis and core.

By actively encouraging blood flow to key areas, the shorts and leggings minimise the risk of groin, adductor and hamstring injuries. They will also assist the body and help to accelerate the rehabilitation of recently damaged tissue through the control of your lower body movements making these an essential item for all stages of motherhood. They are also really comfy to wear and I love that the support means I don’t need to keep hiking them back up my waist during exercise !

Check out me wearing my SupaCore leggings and Shorts RIGHT HERE

An FABULOUS offer from SupaCore

Keen to try SupaCore or maybe you know a mama or mama-to-be who would love a pair as a gift ?

USE my CODE: BodyFab15 for 15% off any SupaCore leggings order to support your CORE during pregnancy or any stage of motherhood.

Wake up with less pain

After wearing SupaCore leggings during movement many report they wake up the next day with less pain, thanks to the medical grade compression and evidence based support.

 Improve your C-Section Recovery

As Kristen says… “I appreciate how lucky I am to have had such a great recovery from my third C-section. And this one has surprisingly been my easiest. I used the SupaCorre recovery shorts ones and felt so supported especially around the swelling of my scar.”

Grab your pair of SupaCore today, head to and don’t forget my code : BodyFab15 for your 15% discount


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