Stop feeling guilty about not doing enough exercise


You are not alone if you feel guilty about “never exercising” or “not going enough”. Many women think they “don’t have enough time to exercise” if they are not doing it for 1 hour or not getting red faced, exhausted or “feeling the burn”…so sadly they don’t start to exercise or completely stop what they are doing.

Let’s reframe exactly what “exercise” or a “workout” should be – watch my video below

I want to bust a myth (or a lie the fitness & media industry has sold to you).

You can’t base the effectiveness of an exercise or workout on the feeling of your muscles “burning”. Exercising to exhaustion or “burn” also does not guarantee results!⠀⠀

Your workouts can make you breathe harder, make you perspire and increase your heart rate but you don’t have to exercise to depletion to increase your fitness. And please don’t make being “sore” after every work out your goal.


Results come from CONSISTENCY – not exercising to exhaustion

If you go “too hard” for too long you will not give your muscles enough time to recover and adapt. Plus if you are fatigued already from the life of busy motherhood, adding more depletion will undoubtedly result injury. Recovery should be made a priority so you can improve on your training the next session, plus, rest reduces cortisol levels which supports healthy hormones and fat loss.

It’s time to focus on quality movement instead of quantity – did you know you can begin NOW and you don’t even need activewear. Click the image below to grab my complimentary core and pelvic floor guide

core-pelvic-floor-free-guide- pregnancy-perimenopause-posnatal-motherhood

It’s not just about getting physical

If you are sore after every workout, it will most likely have a psychological effect on training consistently. Think about how so many people “go hard” when they join a gym for the first time then drop off after 2-3 months. It’s because training like this is not sustainable.

It is also impossible to maintain this type of training if you are juggling a baby, toddler and work. Female fitness programming needs to stop to treating women just as small men and needs to consider women’s physical and mental challenges, biomechanics and hormones. This is what creates wholistic and realistic training regime that is sustainable for the lifetime of motherhood. This is why I love whole body movement – as it gives you “more bang for your buck” when you are short on time, healing from birth, or have had a long hiatus from exercise. Check out my unique BFABMETHOD – training philosophy here.


Research shows that with just 10-minutes of moderate daily exercise, you can:

  • Increase your energy and improve sleep
  • Help improve brain function and heart health
  • Get stronger and improve mobility
  • Burn more fat and increase your metabolism
  • Improve labour & post birth recovery

Sound good ?

It’s time to stop feeling guilty about not doing enough. Get moving in a way that’s enjoyable contributes to boosting both your mental and physical health.
I would love to support you on your exercise journey regardless of your age, or stage of motherhood.

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