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Healthy High Protein – Choc Mint Smoothie.

choc mint green smoothie

It was such a warm autumn day in Brisbane today so I made this delicious high protein smoothie for Miss 3 and I. Her favourite thing at the moment is Choc Mint ! So we just had to have a Choc Mint Smoothie.

It is really thick and filling because of the chia seeds in it (which are packed with Omega 3’s) so are perfect for toddlers or growing bubbies in tummies, or most of all hungry pregnant or breastfeeding mummas.

You need 15% more protein in your diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding so I have included in the smoothie a scoop of Protein Supplies Australia “No Nasties” WPI Vanilla Protein Powder. This protein supplement is safe for kids too.  Read more here and use my code PSA4Preggibellies when you order to receive 10% off here.

Here is the recipe for my Healthy High Protein – Choc Mint Smoothie :

Ingredients :

600 g Almond Milk or Coconut Milk – I use cocoquench.

50 g raw cashews

4-5 medjool raw dates

2 tabsp chia seeds

100 – 200g ice-cubes

30 g of raw cacoa powder

200g of frozen bananas (approx 2 large bananas)

100g avocado

60g fresh kale

20 g fresh mint

1 drop of Doterra Peppermint Oil – food grade essential oil.

1 scoop of Protein supplies Australia WPI Vanilla Protein Powder.

Directions :

1. Place Cashews, Dates and Chia Seeds into high speed blender and blend 10 -20 sec

2. Add all other remaining ingredients blend for at least 2 mins. If too thick for your liking add more milk of choice or coconut water.

Serve immediately.

Enjoy !