Raw Lime ‘Cheesecake’.

raw lime macadamia cheesecakeI had an abundance of limes at home and was craving something semi sweet but tart ! So with inspiration from Quirky Cooking is together with my limited ingredients (….yep impossible to grocery shop in school holidays with 3 kids) this is what I created.
Best of all is gluten free, dairy free, paleo and refined sugar free and tastes delicious of course
Size : Makes one 20cm cheesecake or 12 smaller cheesecakes


Grind all the base ingredients up together in a food processor, vitamix or thermomix or until finely ground.
– 100g raw macadamia nuts (either unsoaked, or soaked and dehydrated)
– I ran out of macadamia nuts so added 30g almonds – or you could just use 130g of macadamia nuts
– 30g organic coconut flour
– 8 fresh dates (eg. Medjool), pitted
– a pinch of fine Himalayan salt
Grease the inside of a 20cm springform cake tin , or muffin pan with coconut oil. Press the base mixture firmly into the base of the tin, and up the sides if you like. Set aside in fridge.


Blitz vanilla essence and lime zest in your food processor
– 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
– zest from 2 limes (just peel off with a sharp potato peeler).
If you don’t like things too tart/sour, just use zest from 1 x lime.
then add
– 150g raw cashews* or macadamias….or like me macadamias and a few hazelnuts
Add remaining ingredients and blend for approx 1 minute scraping down as needed, until lovely and smooth.
– flesh of 1 lime
– 1-2  x avocados (or frozen, cut in 1-2cm cubes)
– 1 x banana (or frozen)
– 100g pure maple syrup or rice malt syrup.
– 55g coconut oil
– a pinch of fine Himalayan salt
Pour filling into tin, spreading over the base. Place in freezer for at least half an hour.
* If using soaked raw cashews, only soak for up to 6 hours, drain well and pat dry with tea towel, then mix with the other ingredients (lime, avocado, etc) all at once, blending until smooth.


Mix together until smooth on speed 9:
– 150g hazelnuts (if you can soak them for a few hours, then drained and dried off a bit)
– 150g Ayam coconut cream (or other thick coconut cream)
– 1 tsp vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste
– juice of 1 lime
– 30g pure maple syrup or rice malt syrup
Pour over filling and smooth with spatula.
While topping is still soft, before freezing, add extra macadamia nuts or pepitas and lime zest for decoration, sprinkling first the nuts, then the zest, around the edge of the cheesecake. (I used unsweetened cranberries See photo)
– a good sized handful of macadamia nuts, roughly chopped (if you haven’t bought them already in pieces)

Finally …

Place the finished cheesecake/s, covered with a plastic bag, in the freezer and leave it alone for at least 2 hours, preferably more. It’s best eaten semi-frozen. But in this hot weather …tastes lovely super cold and frozen too !
It will last for weeks in the freezer… but as Quirky Jo says ….we all know that’s not going to happen. I woke up the next morning and devoured one for breakfast. A super tasty way to start the day !
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