Cacao Fudge- gluten free, sugar free, dairy free.


Many off the shelf protein bars are filled with sugar alcohols and artificial additives. That is why I like to make my own. Here’s my favourite Cacao Protein Fudge – made with a secret ingredient called L-Glutamine.


The benefits of L-Glutamine.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid which is found naturally in beans, meats, fish, poultry, dairy products, and you can purchase it as a supplement in a powder form or pill form. I highly recommend Switch Nutrition naturally fermented L-Glutamine that is plant based.

I personally find it a great post work-out supplement (you can add the powdered form to your protein drink, green smoothie and some protein powders already contain it). Glutamine helps to repair muscles effectively and provide a healthy volume and hydration level. Glutamine can also decrease recovery time from wounds and burns.

Glutamine also helps with gut health, studies have shown it fixes such problems as ulcers and leaky gut and aids the immune system. If you find you get regular sugar cravings; Glutamine can also assist this, by keeping blood sugar levels stable (as it helps suppress insulin) . It is also a fantastic mood elevator, improving mental performance and helps your long and short term memory and enhances the immune system.

***If pregnant or breastfeeding or you are unsure if you should use L-Glutamine please check with your health / medical practitioner before using any supplements.

What is Cacao ?

Cacao is natural alternative to Cocao. It is a vegan source of magnesium and iron, Cacao also contains powerful anti-oxidants, including flavonoids such as anthocyanidin and methylxanthine which are acclaimed to contain various health benefits including but not limited to: neutralising free radicals, increasing metabolism and naturally stimulating the body.


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Cacao Protein Fudge

Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free.

This recipe is inspired by Luke and Scott’s Clean Living Cookbook

Ingredients :

1 cup of coconut oil (plus a little extra to grease your pan)

1 cup of natural almond or nut butter of choice

1/2 cup of organic shredded coconut

1/2 cup rice malt syrup

1/2 tsp organic vanilla essence

1/2 cup of Switch Nutrition* organic raw cacao powder

4 teaspoons of L-glutamine powder (optional)

1 teaspoon of Stevia powder

Directions :

1. Line and grease a 20cm square fudge pan (I use a silicon one so no need for lining just grease with a little coconut oil)

2. In a food processor (or thermomix) place your coconut oil, nut butter, shredded organic coconut, rice malt syrup, vanilla essence and optional glutamine – combine really well (nb the glutamine does make the texture a little gritty)

3. Scoop out HALF the mixture and smooth / press it down into the baking pan.

4. Place the pan in the freezer for about 20 minutes until the fudge is firm.

5. Topping  – Turn on the food processor (thermomix) again and add the raw cocoa powder blend until nice and chocolately. Optional – If you want to add a little more sweetness you can add a teaspoon of stevia powder while blending.

6. Smooth this evenly over the firm fudge in the tin.

7. Place it back in the freezer for approx. 30 mins until set (if you can wait that long !)

8. Remove from Tin- cut into squares and top with additional shredded coconut when serving.

9. I keep my cacao protein fudge in a container in the freezer (and try to forget about it …otherwise I could eat the lot) plus it does melt pretty quickly.

It is the perfect post workout treat – Enjoy x

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