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As featured in Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine.

I am very excited to be featured in this month’s Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine.


The May 2016 issue celebrates Mums of Instagram who just like you found it a challenge to bounce back to their pre-baby bodies. I am honoured to be featured alongside Rachel Finch, Lauren Patterson @_laurenkate, Dana Landgren @activewithd, Chontel Duncan and Jacqueline Alwill @brownpapernutrition.

You can read the full article here 


In the magazine I talk about social media inflicting considerable damage on a mother’s body image perception.


Mother’s spend alot of time sitting on the couch breastfeeding and scrolling through Facebook and the like – so social media is on of the biggest influences on the psychological mood of my clients.”

“As a new mother who is often already feeling isolated, it can be damaging for their confidence levels to see these Instagram “Fitspos” looking a particular way so soon after birth. My best advice is to find the time each day to switch off the phone and concentrate on nourishing your baby (as you breastfeed/nurse).”


“Labour, birth and breastfeeding cause fluctuating hormones and the internal damage post birth takes time to heal. Bouncing back post-baby is a misnomer.”


“That sensitive period after birth is a time of adjustment. What worked for me was giving myself a “contract of no comparison” – that included not comparing myself to my pre-baby body, my friends’ bodies or anyone in the media.” Dahlas Fletcher Bodyfabulous Fitness.

If you are looking for a post birth recovery program I am happy to visit you at your home for a session. Here we can focus on healing your body from the inside-out. With a strong focus on posture, pelvic floor and abdominal recovery.

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xx Dahlas