Should I exercise to exhaustion to get results ?

I want to bust a myth. You can’t base the effectiveness of an exercise or workout on the feeling of your muscles “burning”.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Exercising to exhaustion or “burn” does not guarantee results!⠀⠀


This whole “feel the burn” notion that you have to be sore after each workout is flawed, as some people are genetically more prone to muscle soreness and have a lower pain threshold … yep, sorry blokes research shows women do have a higher pain threshold- hello labour!!!

Your workouts can make you breathe harder, make you perspire and increase your heart rate but you don’t have to exercise to depletion to increase your fitness !

Please don’t make being “sore”

after every work out your goal.

I see many postpartum women doing this as they feel the pressure to “get results” or “return to pre-baby weight”.  Trust me, results are not achieved, only injuries are received …including prolapse!
Also, remember if you go “too hard” for too long you will not give your muscles enough time to recover and adapt. Recovery means you can improve on your training the next session, plus, rest reduces cortisol levels which helps you burn fat …think quality, not quantity!
Another important factor is mindset. If you are sore after every workout, it will most likely have a psychological effect on training consistently. Think about how so many people “go hard” when they join a gym for the first time then drop off after 2-3 mths. It’s because training like this is not sustainable.


This is especially important when applied to training during and after pregnancy.  Exercising needs to be fun and enjoyable to continue. Plus if you are growing a baby, nurturing a newborn or wrangling a toddler, that’s exhausting…so let’s save something in the tank for that!

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