The Essential Birth & Hospital Bag Checklist


Getting prepared for birth and hospital can be both exciting and daunting. This birth and hospital bag check list is a wonderful resource as I compiled it together with my clients, friends and followers based on all their own birth experiences.

The Best Birth & Hospital List

This list not only tells you what you should pack in your hospital and birth bag, but it also gives you some fabulous tips on what you can do to make your stay in hospital post birth more comfortable !


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Please note

This labour list is suitable if you are going to give birth at hospital, at home or a birth center. If you are going to a hospital remember, they do vary in their policies about what you are allowed to bring with you when you have your baby. You may want to take a few items from home, such as your own pillows, to make the environment more personal. But be aware that some hospitals have limited space – check with them first.

If you want, pack two bags: one for birth and the hours immediately after your baby is born, and another for a stay in the maternity ward. Plus as the list recommends don’t forget items for your partner.


Leaving the Hospital

The first ride home, leaving the hospital with your newborn can be incredibly daunting. Don’t forget to also prepare for this. Watch this video about baby car restraints. Many new parents forget that when their car restraint is fitted that post birth their baby will vary in size …so this adjustment tip is essential to know so you don’t get stuck in the hospital car park !

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P.S that is a photo of my son 5 days old ! How cute is he ?

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