Safe Pregnancy Workout – Lunges & Squats


An exercise that many women find challenging during pregnancy and postpartum is lunges. Lunges can feel challenging due prenatal postural changes and also hip and pelvic pain. I am passionate about helping all women stay fit and healthy during and after pregnancy, I have added many safe pregnancy / postpartum workout videos and wellness tips in my free guides and on my YouTube Channel – including how to lunge and squat safely and effectively.

Safe pregnancy exercise

Please remember everyone during and after pregnancy are at varying levels of strength and fitness so make sure you listen to your own body and just do enough repetitions that challenge you without pushing you to lose form and postural alignment.  Pregnancy is not the time to push yourself to exhaustion –  you are in maintenance mode.


Pelvic pain and lunges

I discuss in the above lunge video how to lunge effectively to avoid hip and pelvic pain. If you are suffering form hip pain, pubic pain or pelvic pain please DO NOT lunge, or think that lunge type stretching will improve your condition ! Lunging can actually cause further inflammation to your hips – get the full details on pelvic pain symptoms and how you can avoid it in my blog post and video here.

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An alternative to lunges – pregnancy postpartum SQUATS

If you are suffering hip or pelvic pain, don’t think that you can no longer exercise. Movements that that avoid any split leg movements may be ok – please see a Women’s Health Physio to get fully assessed before you try this.  A great way to avoid an improve hip or pelvic pain is to focus on core and glute strength – as when this is optimal pelvic pain and lower back can be avoided or improved.

One of favourite exercises to achieve this is SQUATS. As combining this exercise correctly with breath is one of the BEST ways to strengthen your pelvic floor and entire deep core – plus if done correctly can help minimise pelvic pain.

This is why squats are on of the BEST full body exercises especially for during and after pregnancy. Now …I know some of you might be thinking geez c’mon lady – I know how to squat…I bend down all day  !


  • do you you know how you should be aligned ?
  • do you know how deep you should squat during and after pregnancy  ?
  • do you know how to breathe during a squat to activate and protect your deep core and pelvic floor ?
  • do you know the best time to introduce weight and how heavy with squats (I cover that in my my online pregnancy and postpartum membership THE BFAB METHOD)

Learn a safe squat workout for any trimester of pregnancy

Get fit and strong for the challenges of pregnancy, birth, recovery and early motherhood !

Frustrating aches and pain often occur during pregnancy and postpartum due to muscle imbalances, poor postural alignment and pesky pregnancy hormones, so its essential that you follow a specific pregnancy program to ensure – mobility and stability. During pregnancy if you are strengthening certain muscles groups and correcting poor posture you can achieve a pain free pregnancy !


A comprehensive pregnancy exercise program

If you find that you want to follow a more comprehensive pregnancy exercise program then I would suggest you join my Ultimate Pregnant Core program, especially if you love following video’s as there are more than 50+ pregnancy safe workouts included ! The Ultimate Pregnant Core is safe, specific and time efficient. Oh and don’t worry when I say core…I don’t just mean abs or kegels !

In my Ultimate Pregnant Core course you will learn how specific specialised movements can give you TOTAL deep core strength, which is essential for avoiding diastatis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction and a better birth and recovery.


I also give you you lots of modifications and variations for all levels of fitness and if you have any limitations. This course is suitable if you’re new to exercise, intermediate or a fitness fanatic plus if you have joints or pain you need to be careful of…you can safely do this course !

Over 8 weeks, I’ll guide you through a variety of total body workouts that will give you strength, balance, mobility and deep core connection in less than 20 minutes per session. Every other day—you’ll have plenty of time for those essential pregnancy naps and savouring the delicious food from your weekly pregnancy meal plan provided by an accredited nutritionist !

Do you want to improve your whole-body stamina (for the challenges of birth and recovery), build lean muscles (yes it can be done during pregnancy) plus ensure you are nourishing both you and your growing baby effectively ? Let me help you find the inner confidence and self-worth that is the foundation of true core strength connection for pregnancy and beyond.

Register here doors open soon for my Ultimate Pregnant Core Program, spaces will be limited as I personally want to ensure I can connect and guide you through this unique course – every week over 8 weeks.



P.S if you have any questions about the videos above or my Ultimate Pregnant Core Course – reach out to me in my Facebook Community right here.


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