Dairy Free Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe Protein Powder


I am often asked “Where can I find a protein powder that is dairy free and also pregnancy and breastfeeding safe ? ” Firstly let’s confirm that not all protein powders are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. As not all protein powder are created equal, many contain weird additives and fillers. Read more on that right here !

A dairy free protein powder alternative

A fabulous protein powder I recommend to many clients (especially those who need a dairy free alternative) is collagen powder. Switch Nutrition COLLAGEN SWITCH. It has been formulated to give you that healthy glow and improve your gut health, all whilst enhancing your recovery. It is pure and contains

  • TYPE I, II & III COLLAGEN – Combination of Grass-Fed Bovine & Wild Caught Sustainable Marine Collagen.
  • VITAMIN C + DIGEZYME (Digestive Enzymes) – Improves the absorption & utilisation of the Collagen.
  • L-TRYPTOPHAN – Added to ensure our formula contains all 9 essential amino acids which are required to support any tissue recovery & repair.
  • GLYCINE + GLUTAMINE – Supports connective tissue & gut health.
  • MCT OIL + PREBIOTIC FIBRE – Gut health and metabolic support.

Best of all it is completely dissolvable in hot and cold liquids. So is the perfect addition to any drink and is suitable for breastfeeding and pregnancy.

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What is collagen protein ?

Collagen is the building block of our hair, skin, nails, joints, tissues and gut lining (plus it’s a great alternative to botox). It’s about 97% pure protein which is very bio-available so a fabulous alternative to some of the very junky protein powders out there.


During pregnancy one of the essential macro nutrients required in protein as you are growing a little human…which is pretty much made up of the stuff ! After birth collagen is also a wonderful way to support tissue repair, help with the dreaded postpartum hair loss and ensure both you and your baby are meeting essential protein requirements for general well being.


20% more protein is required to supply your growing baby and the organs and tissues that internally support your baby. It is also imperative to help rebuild/heal your organs and tissues post birth and produce quality breast milk supply.

In our modern day diets we don’t consume anywhere near as much collagen and protein from our foods. Research has proven that protein also helps stability blood sugar levels, which can help manage and avoid gestational diabetes, hormone fluctuations, hunger pangs, headaches and nausea.

Naturally, collagen is abundant in the ‘jointy’ cuts of meat like necks, tail and bone broth which are less frequently consumed in our current diets so supplementing with a good quality collagen protein powder can be so easy and beneficial. I like to add collagen protein powder to smoothies, soup, bliss balls, bolognese sauce and I also “pimp up” my tea and coffee with a teaspoon. It’s very versatile and you (or the kids) won’t even know it’s there.

Grab your dairy free collagen protein powder right here

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If you are looking for some smoothie and recipe ideas where you can use your collagen protein powder grab my complimentary pregnancy and postpartum snack guide right here.


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