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Navigating what to include in your diet during pregnancy and postpartum can be overwhelming. There is a lot of information and mis-information out there. Plus as females we have been “programmed” to view many foods as good or bad unless they are…low carb, fat free, sugar free and also listeria free if you are pregnant.


So where do you start ?

Let’s begin with a chat with a trusted expert who follows and evidence and experienced based nutrition protocol – Georgia Marrion prenatal nutritionist and naturopath who also specialises in women’s fertility.

prenatal diet

In our Facebook Live interview I chat with Georgia about

  • The key macro-nutrients essential for pregnancy and postpartum
  • How what you eat during pregnancy can impact the future health of your baby
  • How to navigate the overwhelm of information about nutrition and diets for pregnancy, postpartum and losing baby weight.
  • Listeria fears during pregnancy
  • Tuning into your body wisdom and forgetting your “perfect pants” when it comes to nutrition and diets.
  • How snacking can work for you during pregnancy and postpartum – grab the free pregnancy and postpartum snack guide here.
  • How a good nutrition foundation during pregnancy (as tough as that can be) can set you up for a better postpartum and motherhood.

Watch the Pregnancy Postpartum Nutrition Interview with prenatal nutritionist Georgia Marrion below :

Start your prenatal nutrition journey today

For further help with your pregnancy nutrition …

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