NO CRUNCH CORE WORKOUT for pregnancy & motherhood


Try this safe and effective 2 minute no crunch core workout, suitable for pregnancy and postpartum. Deep CORE exercises are an important to avoid and heal the mama pooch (which happens due to weakened inner core muscles after having kids).

Preventing and healing diastatis reciti, improving bladder leakage, reducing back and pelvic pain, are all essential to help you feel more functional in your mid section.  Watch this 2 minute functional fitness video below to help you begin this journey

Before you begin here are some important no crunch workout tips :

In the workout I am using a Pilates ball for resistance (or find a cushion or soft toy as a substitute) as movements up or away from you adds a more challenging aspect.

2nd half of the Video has been sped up so make sure you GO SLOW. I have also included one of my favourite birth prep moves (avoid the lean back position if you are postpartum). Looking for some more birth prep tips click here.

In the video last move is hardest as it includes a wall sit. This is challenging as adds more load in the legs (which transfers to your lower core) so avoid the wall sit if late in pregnancy, early postpartum or if you have any pelvic floor or diastatis recti concerns.


Don’t forget to breathe

Breathing is an important part of this workout. Exhale on the effort to naturally engage your core. This will naturally occur without any clenching tucking or sucking !

The fitness industry focuses SO much (actually way too much) on the 6 pack but guess what if your inner core is weak and cannot engage correctly no matter what you do your outer core muscles (the 6 pack) will struggle !!

No amount of crunches, planks or diet can fix that.

Important safe core considerations

  • If you have any coning/doming of your core STOP as your breath and alignment is not optimal (not sure what this is learn more here)
  • When squeezing the ball check you are not creating any extra tension in other pockets of your body – such as your neck or jaw…as no doubt this tension is also transferring to your pelvic floor (and is not optimal – check here for more about a hypertonic pelvic floor)

Still confused about how to train your core during pregnancy and postpartum ?

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Dahlas Fletcher is one of Australia’s most respected and successful certified and experienced Pregnancy and Female Fitness Trainers. Her goal is to help you be the happiest, most fabulous version of yourself, inside and out.

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