Why progress not perfection is the key to results

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Perfection really is the enemy of progress. So often we feel we need to be perfect to get results. But really often striving for “perfection” with things is what holds us back.


Why let go of perfection ?

It stops us from ever really getting started. It stops us from taking that leap to jump head first into something new.

I can tell you there isn’t one thing I’ve done in the past that I don’t look back at now and slightly shake my head at, and very often cringe !

From earlier videos to emails to blog posts to my fitness class (it was a BodyStep moment of chaos) …there is so much I would do differently now.

And there will ALWAYS be something I’d like to improve no matter how much experience I get under my belt.

But if I’d tried to make them “perfect?”
I would have NEVER got started.
Which trust me has been VERY challenging as I am a recovering perfectionist (more on that here)

Because guess what? I’m human, and as humans, we’re never going to be perfect no matter how much we try.
Even after multiple “edits” of something, you will always find imperfections.

So in order to move forward…

We have to accept “PROGRESS over perfection” or simply taking ‘IMPERFECT ACTION”

I don’t mean that in a negative way. This doesn’t mean that we don’t try something the best of our abilities. It also doesn’t mean that the outcome isn’t fabulous !

It just means we are willing to take the risk and put ourselves out there to learn and grow…..a little like parenthood hey ? (now that is such a journey of imperfect action and lessons)

Because we should always be able to look back (and smile) then see how we could have improved things. The idea that you’ll “get it right” the first time? Well…that rarely ever happens.

Success comes from a drive to constantly learn and motivation comes from OVERCOMING SELF DOUBT

And constantly learning

So if you’ve been feeling like you just haven’t had the perfect situation, the perfect plan, the perfect moment….whatever!?

STOP searching for perfection.

Just take that step forward.

And along the way?

Search for ways to learn, grow and improve.

Because results don’t come from being perfect.


Results come from constantly finding new ways to get BETTER and build upon what has been done (or hasn’t begun) in the past

And as you continue forward toward your goals, focus on those small improvements you can make and don’t let seeking perfection hold you back

There is also NO set timeline when this should happen. Go at your own pace and if you need support along the way.

I am RIGHT here for you !

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