Why Kegels & medication may not be helping your bladder urgency


Did you know bladder urgency is NOT just about your bladder 

It’s a combination of lifestyle choices, habits, strength, nervous system miscommunication, neuroplasticity, flexibility and mobility, your diaphragm/pelvic floor relationship.


With that being said, medications and Kegels are not the “holy grail” solution to a problem that requires many of the above to work together in synergy

There are multiple studies that show that hip musculature (your hip abductors, external rotators, hip extensors, hip adductors) contribute to bladder control just as effectively (if not MORE effectively) than just solely focusing on pelvic floor muscles aka isolated Kegels.

Why you need a whole body approach for your pelvic floor concerns

Too often women are sent from one doctor to another to deal with their urgency issues, but to be honest a WHOLE BODY approach needs to be considered for a LONG TERM solution!

Because the data doesn’t lie !

When I work with any of my clients (at ALL stages of motherhood) we focus A LOT on hip mobility (including some of the moves in THIS VIDEO) plus strengthening + LENGTHENING (which includes breath work) to get their urgency issues under control…

And it works, without EVER doing a single Kegel !

Want to begin NOW with my proven strategies without requiring you putting on your activewear to begin – it’s easy GRAB MY FREE CORE AND PELVIC FLOOR GUIDE !


x Dahlas

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