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This Strawberry Glaze Glow Smoothie recipe – is inspired by the Hayley Bieber Erewhon smoothie. Best of all it has a secret ingredient Collagen Powder ! But don’t be fooled, not all collagens are created equal.

Collagen Switch by Australian Made Switch Nutrition has been formulated to give you that healthy glow and improve your gut health, all whilst enhancing your recovery from movement and also birth and busy Mama life.

Collagen Switch has no added gluten, sugar, fillers or lactose and no artificial colours. NO NASTIES means it’s safe for pregnancy, postpartum and for all the family. Best of all you can grab 20% off with my code BODFAB (on any SWITCH NUTRITION item here)

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What is included in Collagen by Switch Nutrition :

Type I, II & III Collagen
Combination of grass-fed bovine & wild caught sustainable marine collagen.

Vitamin C + Digezyme (Digestive Enzymes)
Improves the absorption & utilisation of the collagen.

Added to ensure our formula contains all 9 essential amino acids which are required to support any tissue recovery & repair.

Glycine + Glutamine
Supports connective tissue & gut health.

MCT Oil + Prebiotic Fibre
Gut health and metabolic support.

For more nutrition guidance grab my COMPLIMENTARY NUTRITION GUIDE HERE


How to make the Hayley Beiber Strawberry Glaze Glow Smoothie


1 serving ( x 4 ingredients below for 4-5 servings for family)

1 cup of your choice of milk
½ frozen banana
½ cup of frozen strawberries
¼ avocado
2 organic dates
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 scoop unflavoured collagen Switch
1 scoop vanilla protein switch
1 tablespoon coconut cream
1 tablespoon of the easy to make strawberry chia collagen jam HERE



1 serving ( x 4 ingredients above for 4-5 servings for family)

  • Blend all ingredients except the coconut cream and Strawberry Chia Collagen Jam. Blend well.
  • Once blended use the coconut cream and jam to decorate the inside of your glass, to give it that marbled effect.
  • Top up gently with the smoothie and done!
    Learn more HERE why protein and collagen are essential during pregnancy and all stages of motherhood
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