Discover 5 new ways to reshape post baby postpartum


Are you trying to reshape post baby ?

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 25 years, and specifically training women for over 10 years. I have found that many women continue to struggle with the same post baby body issues.

What often frustrates most women is that no matter how lean they can get on their upper body (face, neck and arms) they still feel like they can’t reshape their lower body – especially their core, hips and legs.

Is this you ?

For me, when I learned about hormones, it allowed me to burn the stubborn fat (and cellulite) especially in my lower body and core after my own 3 pregnancies.  This knowledge has allowed me to transfer those results to help other women achieve similar results.


Important postpartum fat loss tips

Please understand that there is NO quick fix to this. It takes hard work and dedication like my client Cath put in. Plus, if you have a tendency toward stubborn fat or cellulite in particular areas, then you may always have that, as genetics do play a role !

However, once you have the knowledge I discovered, you’ll also be able to flip the switch and start to improve those stubborn areas and burn fat.

Best of all you can do this without starving yourself and avoiding excessive long hours of cardio. In fact both of these can be very detrimental to fast loss.

So what does it take to start burning stubborn fat ?

1. Healthy Thyroid Levels 

Your thyroid hormone drives your metabolism. When your thyroid levels drop, alpha-receptors activate and your fat-burning beta cells shut off.  Continual, “yo-yo dieting” can affect your thyroid so firstly get off the “diet” merry-go-round focus instead on your nutrient intake. And if you think you have a thyroid problem please have this tested with your Doctor. Alternatively check out these tips to help balance your hormones.

2. Cortisol Levels

I went to a fabulous seminar with Nutritional Bio-Chemist Dr Libby Weaver. It was here that I learned an incredible amount about female hormones and fat loss. In particular how many women start their day with coffee then come down with wine…as they are “wired but tired”, or under continual stress !

Every woman, mother and mother-to-be should read the book Rushing Woman’s Syndrome by Dr Libby – it explains how your never ending “to do” list is causing havoc to your fat loss.

The Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

As Dr Libby explains – the human body makes two dominant stress hormones. They are adrenalin and cortisol. Cortisol is our chronic stress hormone. In other words, we tend to make too much of it when we are stressed for a long time (that is why we feel wired and reach for the wine !).

Historically, cortisol was designed to save your life when food was scarce so even though food may be abundant for you today, cortisol sends a message to every cell in your body that your metabolism needs to be slowed down so that those precious fat stores can keep you going until the food supply returns.

Cortisol lays fat down around your middle, on the back of your arms and upper thighs. Most people’s response to fat accumulation around their core is to go on a diet, which means eating less food.

When you restrict your food intake on your “diet” you slow your metabolism even further and your body clings to the fat.  Restricting your calories is not a solution. Ensure you are eating enough and instead fix your cortisol levels by reducing stress.

There are numerous stress busting methods that you can use to do this, including reducing coffee intake, effectively exercising and learning the importance of breathing.

3. Avoiding Insulin Spikes.

Insulin is the hormone that manages your blood sugar levels. When you keep insulin levels low, fat releases from its stores and is available to burn off during activity.

When you spike your insulin levels too often — such as with coffee, excessive sugar when you don’t really need it— blood sugar is elevated and fat stays locked away … unavailable to burn off.

One of the best way to curb your insulin levels is to ensure your nutrition is balanced with enough healthy fats and protein.

4. Healthy Estrogen levels.

Estrogen is a natural female hormone and plays numerous roles, including those associated with reproduction, promoting bone density, and supporting cardiovascular health. Challenges occur when there is too much estrogen compared to other hormones, progesterone in particular, or when there is too little of both estrogen and progesterone.

Aside from its reproductive system roles, progesterone is a powerful anti-anxiety agent, an antidepressant and a diuretic, which means it helps your body to eliminate excess fluid.

The balance of these amazing baby making/sex hormones can influence whether you are storing fat or burning it. Post birth these hormones are naturally unsettled ….causing the baby blues, no menstrual cycle, mood swings etc.

It is incredibly important you give your self time to allow your hormones to settle back into a regular cycle, particularly if you are breast feeding. Dieting and excessive exercise is only going to delay the balance further and if your estrogen becomes too high for the amount of progesterone being produced, body fat will be stored.

5. The Liver

The liver also plays a central role in whether estrogen levels are appropriate or far too high for body fat to be burnt.

The liver is the second largest organ in the human body after our skin. One of its primary roles is that of detoxification. Detoxification is essentially a transformation process with two phases and during this process the liver decides whether to fully process a substance or recycle (reabsorb) it. Daily, the liver has to process things we consume such as alcohol, caffeine and trans fats but also many items we absorb through our skin and lungs.

Your fat loss may be inhibited as your liver is on overload. Think about the items you are consuming or putting on your skin -do they contain additives and toxins ? Read  here  about my tips to reduce your toxic load.

As a female, getting your hormonal balance right will change your life, for not only will you burn body fat far more easily, but your moods will improve and your menstrual cycle (including PMS) will be better. Plus if you are trying to conceive your fertility will be boosted.

Learn more about this in Dr Libby’s book Accidentally Overweight and book a personalised nutrition and exercise package with me today.

Some of my referral links in this post are affiliate links. I only ever promote products and services I have  personally used and believe are quality.  Read my full disclaimer here.

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