Pregnancy is the best time to strengthen your core !


Strengthening your core during pregnancy is important. Why ? because if your deep core is not correctly engaged while you are carrying a baby, injury and excessive abdominal separation can occur.

During pregnancy, understanding how to strengthen and also release your core and pelvic floor can really help you; especially when it is time to push a baby out and to recover from birth (including a c-section). Plus, effective core training is crucial for every women’s long term health and well-being.


The benefits to learning how to strengthen your core during pregnancy:

  1. Fewer aches + pains
  2. Effective breathing for labour and stress reduction.
  3. Better posture
  4. Minimize and improve diastasis recti
  5. Better pelvic floor strength
  6. Decrease the likely hood of pelvic organ prolapse
  7. More energy
  8. Easier delivery and recovery
  9. Achieving a toned and strengthened core (from shoulders to hips)
  10. Improved overall body confidence

The foundation of your core

When I say core, most people think ‘6-pack and abs’ however your core is SO much more than that ! The foundation of your core is your pelvic floor and if this is not functioning correctly the rest of your core is compromised. Think of the foundation of a house or building….without a strong stable base it collapses. Without a stable pelvic floor the rest of the core and other internal organs can collapse ! Learn more here

Training your core during pregnancy

When it comes to core training during pregnancy please avoid ‘traditional’ core training exercises such as planks, sit ups, crunches. These don’t actually strengthen your core, but instead can create excessive intra-abdominal pressure that can cause damaging abdominal separation, here is why.  Specialised methods (including correct core breathing and how to prepare to Push) are a safe and effective way to connect with your deep core. With all my clients, I always use functional movements for core training during and after pregnancy (and yep this does not mean kegels….more on that here) This means we focus on doing movements not only as a workout, but also as part of day to day movements ! Ensuring the best results during pregnancy and for the postpartum period.

It is possible to get stronger while you are pregnant !

After over a decade of specifically training pre and post natal women I am always fascinated by how much stronger their body becomes by working out ! Becoming stronger does not just happen by staying physically active – it really requires learning and understanding how to strengthen your deep core properly, and how to move your body safely and effectively, so you look and feel fabulous !

What I’ve learned over the years training Mums and Mum’s to be is that the physical changes of pregnancy can cause many women to lose the connection with their core, however with proper training and specific exercises, this connection can actually improve in pregnancy. As during this amazing time every woman’s motherly instinct kicks in making them so much more aware of the changes happening to their body creating an opportunity for a strong core connection.

Want to learn more – Grab my FREE Guide on how to train your core during pregnancy (also suitable if you are post natal and have medical clearance for exercise).

You will learn my specific moves for deep core training with easy to follow videos !

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Find out more details here about how you get can get fit and strong for the challenges of pregnancy, birth and motherhood with a variety of my core exercises including weights, resistance training and safe core cardio !


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