Prepare your pelvic floor to JUMP cough or sneeze – pregnancy & postpartum


Do you sometimes dread coughing, laughing or if you will ever have to jump !
I get it …. as at least 1 in 4 women are suffering some for of leaking or don’t know how to activate their pelvic floor correctly to avoid this dreaded #peezing !


I can jump on a trampoline !

I am a mama of 3 children and YES I can comfortably jump on a trampoline. That’s me right here !

This can be possible for you too. How I achieved this was by firstly training my core safely and effectively during pregnancy and NO – that did not mean I did sit ups, crunches and planks here is why. Instead it started with learning to breath correctly as I moved then and connecting to my deep core which specialised exercises. I teach that all in my online pregnancy and postpartum membership THE BFAB METHOD.

If you are postpartum you can also use these methods – it is never too late to start and just takes some consistency ! A great place to start are the steps I mention in my video below

Leaking = a deep core weakness

Leaking is simply a sign of your pelvic floor not functioning correctly. So please don’t be embarrassed and ignore it. You wouldn’t ignore a strained or muscle not working correctly elsewhere in your body would you ? I hope not …instead take some positive steps to retrain it !
I am here to show you how. I recently went LIVE on my Facebook page and had a wonderful response to this short video.

In summary how to train your pelvic floor to cough, sneeze or jump


These are the key strategies I discuss in the above video

  • learn to activate your pelvic floor and deep core
  • use squats as an exercise both during pregnancy postpartum combined with breathing
  • calf raises with wall support during pregnancy
  • calf raises no wall support and add squat in, again with correct breathing
  • calf raises with a power lift
  • side to side steps then when ready postpartum (after you have been checked by a Women’s Health Physio) try side side jumps
  • then eventually a double legged jump start with the support of a trampoline.

As mentioned in the video, there is no set timeline when you can achieve this as every woman’s birth and body is so different. It also essential you have a full pelvic floor assessment at at 12-15 weeks post birth before commencing any form of high impact activity. Remember you are postnatal forever !

If you try any of these moves during pregnancy, or if you are postpartum and give them a go as you are keen to return to running and higher impact exercise. I would love to hear how you find them. Reach out in my Facebook Community.



P.S Pregnancy is the best time to train your core. Want to learn how with fun total body workouts ? Register for my online pregnancy and postpartum membership THE BFAB METHOD.


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