Ease and prevent BACK PAIN – pregnancy & postpartum


At least 10% of the world’s adult population suffers from of back pain at some point in their lives, with nearly a third of all female adults suffering from lower back pain compared to only a quarter of males. This includes a staggering 50% of all pregnant women having significant back ache.


You can be pregnant and NOT in pain !

Watch my video below for  5 key ways to help you avoid and ease pregnancy back pain.  Back pain is extremely common in pregnancy but it doesn’t need to be. I regularly work with clients who suffer minimal or zero back pain throughout their whole pregnancy. The secret is to strengthening your deep core which I dive deeper into in my online pregnancy and postpartum membership THE BFAB METHOD – find out more here . Plus an extra bonus is you will also find it easier to get that flat belly back more quickly post birth.

10 ways to avoid and manage back pain in pregnancy and postpartum :

  1. Learn activate your deep core muscles correctly, only 1 in every 4 women knows how to activate their deep core and pelvic floor. Learning safe and effective core exercises, like these ones, during pregnancy and post birth is a game changer for back pain.
  2. Postural alignment watch my video above to learn how to “stack” your posture correctly, this not only help prevent back pain but also the dreaded postpartum pooch.
  3. Avoid locking your knees, locked knees instantly puts more pressure into your lower back, think of spreading the load away from your joints down into your leg muscles.
  4. Use medical grade fit ball for postural support when both sitting and standing. Get my top fit ball tips right here, the right size ball is important. If your knees are higher than your hips when you sit on a small or low quality ball (or couch) – this will only increase back issues.
  5. Strengthen your glutes ! Strong glutes help to protect your lower back and hips, one of the best exercises to do this is squats. Learn how to squat safely and effectively during pregnancy right here or in my video above.
  6. Move your body every day, simply movements like the fit ball rolls I do in the above video are an excellent way to improve mobility and avoid stiffness in the spine – which can happen if you stay in one position for too longe
  7. Relax your belly – leaning over a chair or fit ball or even better swimming is a great way to take your belly weight during pregnancy off your spine – watch how I do this in the video above.
  8. Rest and sleep is important – being exhausted can increase body aches and inflammation.
  9. Minimise stress – lengthen your breath and tap into your PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) – stress is tension and this can be held in your lower back. Learn my simple core breath methods here.
  10. Nourish your body, eat food that decrease inflammation, lots of veggies, omega 3 fish oil, and avoiding processed foods – grab my complimentary nutrition guide to help get you on the right track.


Final Note

Pregnancy back pain does NOT have to be part of your pregnancy. As an expectant mama you can take proactive steps to prevent, treat and alleviate back pain; to the benefit of your entire body. This will also make the birth experience much easier on you and the baby. Of key importance is to remember that when it comes to back pain both during pregnancy and post birth, it is significantly related to the function and strength of your deep core.



P.S Find out more about my online pregnancy and postpartum membership THE BFAB METHOD – have fun with total body workouts that will get your fit strong and ready for the challenges of birth, recovery and early motherhood. Plus help you avoid those dreaded pregnancy aches and pains.


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