Workout for your current body, not your past body during pregnancy & postpartum


If you are pregnant or postpartum your body has changed…so the way you exercise, workout and nourish yourself also has to CHANGE ! Workouts should be focused on your current body, not your past body.

If you are embarking on pregnancy exercise, you may have received to “just keep doing what you are doing”…unfortunately this does not work.  Why ? As your body functions very differently the many rapid changes that occur daily during pregnancy (and postpartum)  Learn more here

It does NOT mean you shouldn’t workout during this precious time, and long for what you used to be able to do. It means you need a safe and effective strategy – then who knows you might even return to what you used to do fitter and stronger than before !


Be Pregnant with Purpose & Take Back Postpartum

I’ve had many clients say to me…
“I used to run marathons.”
“I used to wear those jeans when, I was super in shape.”
“When I return to my pre-baby weight I will start that workout”
“I used to….but now that I have had a baby….I JUST CAN’T !!”

Does this sound familiar ?


The thing is…We can’t go back to exactly what we once were….
BUT we can move FORWARD and achieve great results, heck even potentially BETTER results, but we can’t just flick a switch and suddenly “go back,.”


Stop Focusing on the Past

Because, the current situation is NOW different.
Your belly is growing daily ? Birth is impending or happened ? A new baby has arrived or is on the horizon ? You are now on maternity leave ?…or a toddler (plus baby) may now be in tow ?

Your situation has changed and therefore NEEDS both physically and mentally have changed. So what once may have worked, what once may have been your every day workout or routine – may now…well…NOT WORK.

The only way to make the changes, to adjust our routine; in a way that suits your CURRENT needs is to shift your focus on on MOVING FORWARD….instead of saying “wish I could but I can’t…or I used to able too…”


Because there is SO MUCH you CAN DO !!
Stop looking back at what once was and starting planning for what CAN BE.

The best way to get results is to honestly assess where you are at currently, this includes :

  • your energy levels
  • your daily schedule
  • your sleep (or lack of it)
  • what you eat or what you are not eating enough of !

Then from there, build a pregnancy and postpartum workout program that will work for you as it is realistic and sustainable.

You can’t build off of what you used to be or simply wish it would change !

You can’t plan workouts based on how in shape you “once were” or simply keep doing what you have previously done. As your body has NEW conditions and it needs safe and effective modifications.

If you keep doing what you were doing or simply wishing your could…that will get you nowhere fast (or even worse injured).

Safe and Effective Pregnancy and Postpartum Workout Plan

The best way is to assess where you are at now and create a  workout and nutrition plan based on that. This is what I do with every client, then
the next step is to move forward from where you are currently at and kick some goals that are attainable and sustainable.

Just like my client Cath – Mama of 3 who returned to running marathons !



And Sarah Mum of 5 including twins (that she birthed naturally) and has no abdominal separation and returned to CrossFit


You also have to trust that there is NO magic pill and it won’t happen overnight (I mean, does anything worthwhile happen that way ?)

Stop looking back at what once was.
Get ready to MOVE FORWARD!

GET READY TO MAKE PROGRESS, GET READY TO STOP WISHING and instead TAKE ACTION in a way that will WORK for your current body not your past body !

Simple actions that consistently move you forward = amazing results.

What action will you take to bounce forward to be body-fabulous ?

Want to get started ? Connect with me today


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Dahlas Fletcher is one of Australia’s most respected and successful certified and experienced Pregnancy and Female Fitness Trainers. Her goal is to help you be the happiest, most fabulous version of yourself, inside and out.

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