The 5 P’s strategy for Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise


If you are a first time exerciser or a fitness fanatic the 5 P’s of Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise apply to you. Learn why this is also applicable during any trimester of pregnancy or any month (or year) postpartum.


First up if you have just had a baby, remember “clearance for exercise” at the 6 -8 week post-birth mark does not mean ALL EXERCISES. A safe and progressive strategy is required. Recovery is temporary but damage can occur if you don’t listen to the information your body is giving you and go too hard too soon !


 Watch my video above and follow the key tips for a safe and effective strategy below :

1. Progress not perfection – just because your bub wakes up during your planned workout or you are exhausted from no sleep – 5 minutes of moving your body is better than nothing.

2. Pain – if you are in pain don’t ignore it or “push through it” learn to manage it and modify so you can still move safely and effectively

3. Peeing, leaking or peezing is feedback from your body that you are not ready for the exercise you are doing. Adjust do something different.

Not sure where to start – grab my complimentary Exercise Modifications Cheat Sheet for pregnancy and postpartum here.


4. Pressure – Intra-abdominal pressure control still applies postpartum especially as your core has deep healing to do. Don’t forget to breath, exhale on the effort during your workouts and especially as you move about your day picking up your baby, pram, car capsule etc – this will protect your core and pelvic floor.

5. Peak – Do you see doming, coning of your abdominals ? This is also information from your body and core that it is not ready for that movement. So adjust and modify until you are ready.


Final Words …. on your pregnancy and postpartum exercise strategy

If you are postpartum please see Women’s Healthy Physio from 12-15 weeks postbirth. This is the best way to get a deep understanding (via an ultra-sound and examination) about where your body is at.

Women’s Health and Pelvic Physio’s in Australia do not require a referral from a Doctor. They can assess you both during pregnancy and postbirth. If you are looking for some recommendations please reach out.


Remember – Pregnancy and birth have an enormous impact on your core and pelvic floor, and every woman has a different recovery timeline – trust the process and any questions connect with me in my Facebook Community here called the #BFABSQUAD.


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Dahlas Fletcher is one of Australia’s most respected and successful certified and experienced Pregnancy and Female Fitness Trainers. Her goal is to help you be the happiest, most fabulous version of yourself, inside and out.

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