Your jaw is a mirror of your pelvic floor


Did you know the jaw and pelvis are physiologically connected and the alignment and relaxation of each deeply affects each other.

Embryonic beginnings of the jaw and pelvic floor…

There is fascial line from the pelvis to the jaw and this is created during embryonic development in the womb. On day 15 of conception an embryo forms two depressions – one becomes the mouth and the 2nd the opening of the urinary, reproductive and digestive tracts.

These remain connected FOR LIFE even as the spine develops and creates space between them.


This connection can shift female body awareness

For many women this knowledge about the pelvic floor and jaw connection shifts their body awareness forever. They discover if they immediately ease up any tightness they’re holding often subconsciously at these two major points in their body the jaw and pelvic floor their whole body function improves !

This is why I focus on TOTAL BODY movement with my BFABMETHOD workout strategies as everything is connected.

A tight muscle or pelvic floor can be a weak muscle

Holding too much tension in the pelvic floor due to stress or excessive movement such as Kegels – can be a significant cause of incontinence or pelvic floor dysfunction often called a hypertonic pelvic floor


Pelvic Floor or the Root Chakra in Eastern tradition, is tied to fear, especially around our families, well-being, money, and safety. This is fascinating when consider that too often we hold tension in the jaw as a way to repress anger, frustration and fear–you can see how important this connection is.

It is also why Kegels are not the solution to a functional pelvic floor – recent research predicts 80 percent of women over the age of 18 will have a pelvic floor dysfunction by 2050—regardless of how often they do their pelvic floor exercises. Learn more here

Vocal Chords and Pelvic Floor connection

During birth midwives and doulas will often give the common tip of encouraging women to sigh or use vocal tones relax their throat and jaw as a means to release the pelvis for labour to progress.

Childbirth expert, Ina May Gaskin even coined the term “sphincter law” to explain that if the jaw and throat are relaxed then the buttocks and pelvis will be too. If you look at the anatomy of the larynx and uterus below it is incredible how similar they are !

? via @womanofthewomb on Instagram

I also believe more sound you make during birth – the better you can manage pain & progress through labour. The throat & uterus are directly linked just like the jaw and pelvic floor.

Many women also don’t know that it is the uterus that naturally contracts to move the baby down the birth canal and NOT the pelvic floor. This is why a “tight pelvic floor” is not optimal for birth, like any muscle in the body it needs to be functional in both directions i.e to contract when the reproductive organ area needs support and to release to allow the baby to enter the world !

Do you grind or clench your jaw ?

Are you someone that sufferers jaw clenching and grinding ? Do you also happen to have pelvic, back, hip bladder/bowel or pelvic floor concerns ?
Are you noticing a connection between one or both, if so pay attention to where you are holding tension and learn how to address these biomechanics of your body that are affected both physically and mentally

I am here for you if you need help




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