3 truths about Diastasis Recti


I spend my day discussing Diastasis a lot …with mothers of all ages & stages. Why? Because I am passionate about changing the narrative when the topic comes up (and it always does during & after pregnancy).

Diastasis discussion often comes with a lot of negativity, fear, and general overwhelm. However, there are many things that can help prevent injury based diastasis plus the fear surrounding it.


The first is knowing the difference between “healthy” diastasis recti (AKA normal separation) and INJURY based diastasis. After that is understood it is easier to then talk about the prevention of injuryexercise with confidence.


Here are some steps to help understand Diastasis better…

  1. Watch the Video below to learn about the 3 Truths of Diastasis Recti

Not all Diastasis is an injury, gap closure is not essential for healing (its more about the depth than the width learn more) and it’s never to late to restore your core !

2.. Grab my complimentary Diastasis Recti infographic HERE to help you gain this understanding and to self check your own diastasis.


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It’s never too late to feel good & connect to your body better with movement.


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