How the feet impact the core and pelvic floor


If you have been hanging with me for a while you would have heard me say….the Pelvic Floor and the rest of the CORE –  DON’T WORK IN ISOLATION, they are part of a fascially integrated and functionally synergistic WHOLE.

The ‘conversation’ between the core and the rest of the body runs from the toes to the nose, so for example tension in the jaw can be related to a hypertonic pelvic floor or HIP PAIN can also be related to the pelvic floor and also THE FEET AND ANKLES

Just like the wheel alignment of a car…

Wonky wheel alignment of a car affects the way it drives & performs. The same connection applies to our bodies with the FEET, core and pelvic floor.

The ‘conversation’ between the core and the rest of the body runs from the toes to the nose, so a great place to start is the FEET


Ultimately, mobility and functionality at the foot and ankle area matters and continence and pelvic floor function CAN be improved by improving your foot, ankle function and mobility

Simple ways to start are …

  • Consider what shoes you wear & how you feel afterwards.
  • Take time to walk & move barefoot. Add plantar & dorsiflexion movement to workouts plus mobility moves !
  • Roll the soles of the feet with trigger ball or tennis ball – can you feel pockets of tension or tenderness ? This tension will probably also be in the network of deep core muscles including glutes & hips.
  • Remember pelvic floor health impacts your body as a WHOLE, even if you’ve never had babies!

Whole body movement beyond Kegels is essential

Sound confusing – but it’s pretty simple when you switch your mindset away from “spot training” one area – this includes Kegels !

Ultimately, mobility and functionality at the foot and ankle complex matter to pelvic health and continence. Watch the video below and learn more
or check out my

Current pelvic floor research and how this can translate into a workout …

Want to dive deeper ? Here are few current pelvic floor research studies to illustrate the point. As yep I am big on evidence-based training methods.


1. Two Chen et al (2005 & 2009) studies showed that different ankle positions, plantarflexion and dorsiflexion can influence a pelvic floor contraction by changes made in pelvic positioning and surrounding muscle co-activation.

How are your feet when you work out, do you ever train in NO SHOES so you can tune into the plantar and dorsiflexion of your feet? Read on why ….

2. A Nygaard study in 2005 showed there was a statistically significant association between decreased foot flexibility and urinary incontinence measuring the medial arch height. Which can’t be mentioned without mentioning the relationship between the mobility of the plantar foot and the capacity to perform ‘short-foot’ and the ability to ‘fire’ up Thomas Myers’ Deep Front Line which runs through the Pelvic Floor.

SELF DISCOVERY… Are the shoes you were daily constricting your foot mobility? 
How often do you wear high heels or wedges?
How do your pelvic floor, back and hips feel after wearing them?

3. Lee in 2018 showed Pelvic Floor exercises performed in active ankle dorsiflexion positions while standing may increase the effectiveness of these exercises.

When you do pelvic floor exercises do you ever think about the position of your feet? ….you might even be curling your toes?

When cueing pelvic floor exercises and connection I focus on BOTH LOCAL AND GLOBAL as the feet are very much part of the whole body connection with the Pelvic Floor and the rest of the core. Here are some examples in an Instagram Video

Simple micro-adjustments can make a BIG or macro difference !

But sometimes those adjustments are different for everyone – as every woman is different and everyDAY can be different due to so many factors!

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