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No Crunch Core Chair Workout

Sometimes when no equipment is available. I like to incorporate A CHAIR into a NO CRUNCH CORE workout! These moves can help boost your energy, improve your balance and are fabulous for your core and pelvic floor.


Try this NO Crunch Core Chair Workout

Grab a chair and try 5-10 reps of each movement

  1. Banded Climbers
  2. Side Leg Extension (harder than it looks for core balance)
  3. Banded In & Out Bridge
  4. Chair Bird Dog Balance (make sure you have a v stable chair let back leg touch the ground until your balance improves OR if you are pregnant + early postpartum)

All you need is a chair or couch + a booty band.


No Crunch Workout

Did you know your core is so much more than a six-pack ? Our legs or “levers” are connected to the core which is everything in between the shoulders and the ribs.


Want to dive deeper into working out like this during pregnancy, post-birth or at ANY stage of motherhood?

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Let me know if you try this workout?