Body Fabulous

The Bodyfabulous Fitness philosophy of Yin and Yang .


Bodyfabulous fitness is based on the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang.

Or to put is simply – achieving balance.

Yin is the “oil” that fuels the fire. In order to stay motivated you need plenty of oil and the more you have, the more Yang you can output.  Yang  is the “fire” which is your motivation to train, work hard and get things done as a busy woman and mother !

Essentially, to make Yang (high energy) you need Yin (relaxation). As a working Mum of 3 children, I understand very well, the challenge for all Woman and Mother’s to allow for Yin time

In the Yang part of my fitness sessions – you will do safe cardio, conditioning  and strength work that will help you achieve an improved physique & conditioning through the utilization of energy pathways that produce the greatest hormonal response conducive for fitness, endurance (helpful for labour) and fatloss (for Post Natal women). You will increase oxygen and nutrient dense blood flow to your baby, release endorphins (happy hormones) and feel energised.

In the Yin part of my sessions – we will focus more on mobility, stretching, relaxation. I can’t stress how essential it is as busy women we take time to learn how to do this. I use specialised Pilates, Yoga based structural balance movements. These will help with your changing pregnant posture, by reducing back pain and improving your pelvic floor. Plus assist you if you are recovering post birth both mentally and physically.


Breath is an important focus in every Yin and Yang exercise I do. My main goal is to ensure your breath becomes second nature so that this is not forgotten during labour. Breath is also incredibly important for your pelvic floor – as your diaphragm is connected to your pelvic floor.  With every Bodyfabulous exercise you will learn the correct way to exhale and inhale to protect and activate your pelvic floor

The Yin focus of aligning our minds with our breath, also means we can experience relaxed alertness in both the body and mind, a state that has extremely therapeutic effects on the body. This is especially effective when you are a new mother who is on constant “high alert”.

The key ingredient to achieving all of the above is attention and commitment.  And to achieve this I ensure all Bodyfabulous sessions are structured around what is going to personally help you achieve the best results for both yourself and your baby. We will have fun, include lots of variety and can even work out at a time and place that suits you.

My ultimate goal is for you to learn how to cherish your body mentally and physically during and after pregnancy.

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